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Although this course is primarily designed for sissies, it can also be used by other submissive as well.

This course is designed to be done in Real Life  in an effort to support health and wellness in all Sissies.

The following exercises are designed to be sexy and fun… but also practical and useful in general fitness and flexibility.  The exercises and stretches in the following course are designed to emphasize feminine fitness, toning, and shaping.

They are also meant to make you horny as hell.  You have been warned.

These exercises are meant to be part of a daily work out routine.  It includes stretches, cardio, core training and some fun special Sissy workouts to improve submissive and sexual use.

The stretches in this course are meant to be a daily warmup and if you do nothing more than those, you will find yourself starting to feel more feminine and flexible.  The exercises are designed for toning and shaping parts of your body that will benefit the most in having a more feminine figure.

OOC:  Please follow this course with care and caution.  If something hurts or does not feel comfortable (past the normal workout limits) do not do it.  Misstress Training is not responsible for injury due to these exercises, but more importantly we want you to take care of yourself.  Be careful.  Be cautious.  And have fun!

The first time you go through this course, you are encouraged to focus on the instructions and learn the stretches and routines.  You will soon find that you don’t need the guidance as you build them into your muscle memory.  You are highly encouraged to listen to Sissy hypnosis in headphones while doing these exercises.  You can find a long list of various hypnosis files here (and you are encouraged to add your own suggestions).

Are you ready to get physical and become the Fit and Flexible Fucktoy you were meant to be?  Click to the next lesson to begin!