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Week 1 Homework

Week 1 – Homework Now it’s finally time for your homework for the first week. So like said before in the first week we are just going to start off with the fingers and if you want I recommend using some lube. So ideally you will repeat this every day for at least half an hour. If you have the time and endurance just go for a longer period of time. It is understandable you can’t keep going for half an hour for the first week, so if you can’t just stop for a moment and try again after a few minutes. Ones you get used to the pain it will go easier. So we are just going to start off slow, so lay down on your back and just start fingering your ass. Don’t forget to use lube if this is your first time. Just gently push in your finger. If it hurts that means you’re making progress. Now slowly push your finger in all the way. Now that you are in it is time to take it back out again. So ever so slowly start taking your finger out of your ass again. This might feel a bit funny and even familiar. Its almost the same feeling as when you have to use the bathroom just a bit different. Now that you’re out again its time to repeat this process over and over. Keep doing this for the recommended time of 30 minutes. If it hurts too much to take it out every time. Just try to leave the tip inside and then start pushing again. This way your anus doesn’t completely close so it hurts a bit less. If you don’t feel any pain what so ever, thats good! Just keep on doing what you are doing. This is your training for the first week. I want you to repeat this every day for 30 minutes straight. And next week we will see if you can manage more fingers at ones. But for now, this is your homework for the first week. Write a small essay (one – four paragraphs) you may include pictures for extra credit regarding your homework and upload them as your solution.

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