Using a Sex Doll for SPH & Cuckolding

With a bit of imagination and roleplaying, a sex doll can be, quite literally, another partner. Even if using a torso-only sex doll, there’s a lot of fun that can be had when there are “genitals on display” that are ready to play with. Obviously, nothing is a replacement for a real human partner, but at the same time, using a sex doll can be a fantastic addition to the bedroom, and it’s hard to ignore that – especially for femdom scenes that focus around facets of humiliation.

Tantaly Rosie BBW Sex Doll

While a sex doll comes with some negatives (like it isn’t going to react unpredictably or give you a lot of “what will my partner do?” energy), a sex doll also comes with a ton of positives to easily make up for it. A sex doll is literally a partner on-command. There’s no worrying about finding a good match (my biggest limiting factor!), sexually transmitted infections, making sure everyone feels valued, or finding someone who matches your physical requirements and is also equally attracted to both you and your partner.

Instead, with a single purchase and a bit of roleplay, you have a sex doll that can become a perfect addition to your femdom play. While sex doll femdom is probably not something that you’ve thought of before, I promise: just like a flogger, a sex doll can be a lovely addition to the tools in your toolbox to accomplish all of the kinky things you want to do.

In particular, a sex doll lends itself well to small penis humiliation scene ideas and cuckolding scene ideas.

(Also, sex dolls can be great for other activities as well! Depending on the size of the doll, you might be able to practice your rope bondage on it before “debuting” it on a partner. Even with a torso-sized doll like this one, you can practice your spanking and flogging skills as well.)

WARNING: The rest of the article includes a large amount of humiliation-focused activities. If that’s potentially triggering, please read with caution. (It wouldn’t be much of Small Penis Humiliation without some humiliation, though, huh?) The humiliation does continue within the cuckolding section to a lesser degree.

Using a Sex Doll for Small Penis Humiliation

Small penis humiliation and sex dolls can go beautifully hand-in-hand. Why? Because they offer a very easy “alternative” to your own body. Essentially, by making your small penis submissive have sex with the sex doll instead of you, there’s already built-in humiliation. Just throw some small penis humiliation on top of it, and you have a situation that’s perfectly ripe for tons of fun and lots of small penis humiliation with a sex doll.

Here are some great phrases for using a sex doll for sph:

  • “Your dick isn’t nearly large enough to satisfy me. That’s why I got you something you might have a chance at satisfying.”
  • “My favorite dildo feels better than yours anyway. Why don’t you go fuck the doll instead?”
  • “It’s so cute to watch you fuck the sex doll!”
  • “Do you think she can even feel anything? I know I don’t usually feel much.”
  • “Awww, finally someone who will tolerate how you can only last two thrusts.”
  • “Are you able to feel anything inside the doll? I know they’re made for men with, uh, larger sizes than you are.”
  • “Just be glad I’m letting you fuck anything with what you’re equipped with.”
  • “Are you sure you need lube? It looks small enough that it will probably just slide in.”
  • “Finally, we have something so I don’t have to worry about having sex with something so unsatisfying ever again!”

Here are some small penis humiliation scene ideas to take things to the next level:

  • For a pretty “basic” sex doll small penis humiliation scene, just set up the sex doll and accessories near the edge of the bed. Pull out your favorite vibrator and lay back on the bed – and order him to have sex with the sex doll. You can throw in lots of verbal humiliation (“This sex toy is much more satisfying than you”) while he has sex with the sex doll. Prohibit him from orgasming until you provide permission. And if you cum first? Guess it’s time he should be done with the sex doll as well; his orgasm be damned.
  • If your penis humiliation fetishist also happens to have a slight “ignore me” kink, the sex doll can be great for this. Put it into a place where you have something else you can do. (I love to do this while I’m watching football or another favorite show.) If he’s showing signs of arousal, brush him off, tell him to leave you alone and just go hump the doll. You can toss over some phrases like “It’s really not worth watching you” with your eyes glued to your activity while he does so.
  • After a long period of chastity, release your small penis submissive – but with the clear understanding that a “dick so useless” isn’t allowed anywhere near you. Instead, watch them orgasm quickly within the sex doll – an opportunity that’s ripe for lots of humiliating phrases.
  • Do the same thing as above, but if orgasm denial isn’t your thing, have the sph submissive edge (or edge them!) for multiple hours before the sex doll is brought out.
  • Up the ante on the “small penis humiliation” by including other accessories that reinforce how small his penis is. Condoms can be a great way to do this. Since safer sex isn’t needed here, buy an extra-extra large condom and tell him that’s his condom to use. Depending on your submissive’s penis size, they are likely to “swim” inside of the condom (especially if you get the extra-extra large ones designed for 10″ penises.) (To increase the mindfuck, make sure you don’t hand him the condom in its packaging, so he might think it’s a “normal” condom.) Depending on your level of sadism, you can allow the condom to slip off his penis during penetration, or you can add humiliation by forcing him to use his hands to keep it on his erection.
  • Alternatively, there are some “gag” condoms out there with “Condoms for Tiny Men” packaging out there. Seeing that packaging is exactly what we want when you hand it to him. Nothing more humbling than “easily fitting” into the condoms made for little penises.
  • In fact, just make him use condoms with the sex doll in general. “Your bare willy shouldn’t ever touch anything. It just isn’t worth it – even for a sex doll.”
  • For some real humiliation, consider making your small penis humiliation fetish submissive wear a strap-on harness to penetrate the sex doll. This is ripe for a lot of humiliation like “Your dick isn’t even big enough for a sex doll!”. (I highly recommend a condom on the strap-on dildo along with lots of lube to help the two slide against each other easily.)

Using a Sex Doll for Cuckolding

Just like small penis humiliation, cuckolding can be great with a sex doll. While you might have to get a bit more creative (as the goal is to “prohibit” sexual contact with the sex doll with cuckolding rather than enforce sex-doll-only interactions like with sph), some cuckolding can be done with a sex doll as well – especially if the idea of finding another person isn’t necessarily appetizing (either due to a deadly pandemic or a less-than-great local dating pool).

Here are some great phrases for using a sex doll for cuckolding:

  • “Too bad you weren’t able to satisfy me well enough. Now I have to resort to using a sex doll – and it will still be more pleasurable than you!”
  • “You don’t deserve to touch me while I enjoy myself. When I’m done, I might think about letting you clean up the sex doll with your mouth.”
  • “You can only watch from your corner there while I enjoy myself with something that can actually pleasure me.”
  • “Clean it up with your mouth. If it isn’t clean, you’ll be punished.”
  • “It fucks better than you do – and its just lying there!”
  • “How does it feel to watch me fuck someone else? Knowing that I might prefer fucking this sex doll more than you from now on? Knowing that you’re inadequate and unable to pleasure me as well as a doll can?”

Here are some cuckolding scene ideas to take things to the next level:

  • The simplest cuckolding scene with a sex doll is just to play with the sex doll while your cuckold sub has to watch. Depending on the size of your size doll and what pleasure parts it has between its thighs, you might need to get creative. Most sex dolls have vaginas. You can grind against the sex doll’s vaginas (but most don’t have “hard parts” for rigid sensation like human bones would), or you can also get creative and strap a strap-on harness and dildo onto the sex doll. If your sex doll has a penis, you can enjoy yourself that way as well.
  • Add some bondage to your submissive to really take things up a level. Tying up your cuckolding submissive across the room can really ensure that they feel “helpless” in the equation. If you want to make sure they can’t look away, a posture collar or neck brace can be a great addition as well.
  • Blindfolding can really help – and lead to his or her imagination filling in a lot of the blanks. Before you blindfold your cuckolding submissive, let them watch as you touch and play with the sex doll. Obviously, the sex doll won’t necessarily respond (at least, I hope it doesn’t!), so you may want to play up your reactions a bit. Once you’ve done a bit of play time with the sex doll, tell your cuckolded sub that they’re not allowed to watch anymore and blindfold them. You can then lay back on the bed and pleasure yourself – vocally – while they’re stuck in their imagination of what could possibly happen between you and another person.
  • Using other sex toys on your sex doll can be a weird – but oddly fun – way to incorporate cuckolding. With your submissive bound and unable to touch, consider bringing the sex doll and a dildo (or a penis masturbation sleeve!) barely within their reach. Make them watch as you tease them with how that’s how your vagina would look (the sex doll’s) if it was being fucked by a guy who knows what he’s doing. If you want to add more pleasure to it, consider a wand massager tucked between your thighs for your own enjoyment while you tease them. Ejaculating dildos can come in handy here if your submissive has a particular fetish for creampies or ejaculate.
  • Speaking of ejaculating dildos, there’s nothing stopping you from using your sex doll for creampies. After the ejaculating dildo shoots its lube-y load, force your bound submissive to lick up the mess. A lot of verbal humiliation can be great here.
  • Your sex doll can also be a great “practice” toy for your submissive’s cuckolding fantasies as well. With a sprinkle of humiliation involved, bring out the sex doll with verbal reminders about how you expect him to perform his (or her!) duties “well” when you’re able to find a real man/woman to fuck. Drizzle some lube (or whatever you want, really. It’s a sex doll!) onto the vaginal/anal area of the sex doll, and command him to lick it up. I recommend coming prepared with a riding crop for sharp taps (not to the face!) when you don’t think your cuckolding submissive is “licking it up” properly. (Chocolate syrup can be a great drizzling material here because the resulting brown, sticky mess will make it clear how “into it” the submissive got.) Feel free to use this oral sex tactic regularly for “training purposes”. And consider “rewarding them” with the ability to practice on yourself when you feel like they’ve recently done well.
Tantaly Rosie BBW Sex Doll

Alternatives to Sex Dolls

Okay, okay. So, sex dolls aren’t the cheapest thing on the planet. While you won’t get the same type of visual for watching (or reaction from your submissive) from something smaller, depending on your available budget and space in your place, you might not be able to swing a sex doll. That’s okay too! There are a lot of realistic, hand-held sleeves that can work great. You can always use what male masturbation penis sleeves you have laying around.

If you have the budget, however, I highly recommend upgrading to a realistic, close-ended penis masturbation sleeve that has a plastic casing. (Fleshlight is pretty much the big-name for those!) You can do pretty much everything we’ve mentioned earlier with a bit of creativity and a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Go Torque Ice Review

(Pictured is the Fleshlight Torque Ice Fleshlight.)

Instead of letting the sex doll sit on its own, you can “hold” the Fleshlight in place. If you have one with a plastic casing, you can put the male masturbation sleeve between two couch cushions (or the bedframe, or anywhere else!) to have it “held” in place. (The plastic casing and close-ended design will protect your furniture from lube and ejaculate.) It’s not quite the same visual or mental impact, but if budgets and space are tight, it can be close! (There’s also an added level of humiliation for small penis humiliation if you’re the submissive being forced to hump a chair.)

In addition, a Fleshlight does offer a few benefits that sex dolls do not. Namely, it’s portable and hand-held. This means you can take your Fleshlight to a hotel room (if you have a small penis humiliation scene planned away from home!). It also means that you can hold or position the Fleshlight near your own vagina/butt, and humiliation your submissive by forcing them to fuck the Fleshlight instead of your own body.

Cuckolding with a Sex Doll and Small Penis Humiliation with a Sex Doll

As you can see, sex dolls can work great for small penis humiliation roleplay and cuckolding roleplay. By using it as a “stand-in” for an alternative person, there’s no need to worry about involving someone else in your play – and you’re always able to have sex on-demand. Not to mention, the fact that it’s an inanimate object already has some humiliation aspects pre-built into the play.

Go forth and use your sex doll for femdom!

(Note: Love the sex doll pictured? That’s the Rosie sex doll from Tantaly.)