Punishment Ideas

Punishment Ideas

Whether your femdom games take place only in the bedroom or you live more of a femdom lifestyle, punishment is how you correct unwanted or disobedient behavior. Sometimes the best punishment is one that “fits the crime.” So if your partner misspeaks, make him wear a gag or force him to wear a chastity belt if he comes without permission. These femdom ideas will get you started, but feel free to get creative.

1. Cold Shower

A blast from the cold shower is a punishment that requires no special equipment. Simply march him to the shower when he hasn’t listened. Alternatively, you might use the sprayer from your sink or even a squirt bottle when you need to punish him for bad behavior.

2. Spanking and Impact Play

Use your hand, foot, a flogger or whip, a cane, a paddle, or something else to smack your man’s butt when he’s been naughty. You can slap his face or genitals; although, you should be careful when using implements on these places. Avoid aiming for the kidneys with floggers.

3. Kneel on a Pencil

This punishment idea might not sound so rough, but try it yourself (in fact, it’s a good idea to try any punishment so you know just how it feels!). After just a few minutes, kneeling on a pencil can be excruciating!

4. Holding Up Pennies

When your partner fails to obey, you can make him hold a penny against the wall with his nose. Make it even harder by having him spread his hands and hold up a penny with each finger/thumb for a total of ten pennies. Punish him whenever a penny falls.

5. Chastity Belt

You can place a chastity belt on your guy if he has failed to earn an erection or orgasm. Continued failure increases the time he’ll spend in the belt. Furthermore, attaching weights to the belt can make it more excruciating. Bells also work, so that every time he moves, he’ll be reminded of what he’s wearing.

6. Tedious Tasks

Being made to write out a sentence 50 times or clean the same spot for a certain amount of time can be an effective punishment.

7. Bound Hands

If he fails to complete an activity to your satisfaction, bind his hands, so he has to use his mouth to do it. He’ll realize how good he had it before.

8. Standing on Toes

Standing on his toes is another severe form of punishment that can have an impact in short order. You can bind his hands and attach them to a rope that’s secured over his head to ensure he stays in position.

9. Exercise

Take a page from the military and demand he drops and “give you twenty” pushups when he is disobedient. Pick a type of exercise he especially dislikes and have him do some reps.

Are you looking for more?

Remember to follow through on any punishments that you promised. If you don’t, he won’t take you seriously.

Many women thrive when donning the role of the dominant. At the end of the day, you might get to shed submissive shackles placed on you by society, boost your confidence, or make your man come like never before!