Hours on Edge of Orgasm (Step by Step)

This Scene Is…

Focused on sexual pleasure for one partner, this scene is focused on a long-term tease and denial (of orgasm!) session. With the receptive partner blindfolded and fully “lost” in the sensations, this gives a lot of leeway for the Dominant – which makes this a good beginner-friendly scene. As it’s very focused on general sexual pleasure (and tons of it!), the risk level from high-risk kink activities is low. This scene also lends itself well to multiple Dominants teasing a single receptive partner.

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Standing Punishment (Step by Step)

This Scene Is….

A lovely addition to any sort of “punishment” dynamic. Focused on providing sexual pleasure while also providing impact play, this dynamic works well as a “funishment” scene. The submissive will have their hands bound above their head (which is a very vulnerable position) while receiving sexual pleasure from a wand massager. This pleasure will be juxtaposed with the pain of the impact play that the dominant provides through their preferred impact toys.

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Foot Worship (Step by Step)

This Scene Is….

Focused on foot fetishism and foot slave service. This scene has especially been written up for femdoms who find themselves with a submissive who has a foot fetish – and they’re open to entertaining their sub’s kink, but they have no idea about quite what to “do”. Obviously, this isn’t always the case (and there are femdoms into foot kinks as well!), but it’s a scenario I see often enough in femdom forums that I wanted to focus on it.

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Chastity Femdom Scene (Step by Step)

This Scene Is…

A great primer if you’re not quite sure what to do with a chastity cage – or how to go about “involving” it in your kink life. Since chastity cages are pretty simple once they’re already locked on the body (they “prohibit” orgasm – the end), the biggest “scene” you have with it is putting it on and taking it off. That’s why this BDSM Scene Step by Step chastity femdom scene focuses on making a ritual out of putting on the chastity cage.

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