Gentle Femdom Script

Gentle Femdom Script
Mmm I bet you wanna cum so fucking bad, don’t you?
I bet you’ve been listening to and watching so many fucking naughty audios and videos
But what you are really looking for is that special something to give you that big, fucking
explosive release
You’ve thought about shooting your cum all over a pair of big, round tits
Have you thought about spraying a cute girl’s face with your cum, huh?
While she stares up at you with her begging eyes and her wide open little mouth?
You don’t even need to answer me, I know you’ve fantasised about that
Maybe you’ve imagined her soft lips gripping your cock as your shaft spasms
uncontrollably in her mouth.
She swallows your cum down as it pumps relentlessly down her throat.
All those options sound fucking delicious but tell me this, dirty boy, have you thought
about cumming inside my pussy?
Oh, that made your eyes widen. You’re so cute when you’re desperate.
Oh yeah I can tell, your cum is so ready to just shoot straight out of your cock
You should let me help you get your cum out
You should use my pussy to give you that big release
You should let my tight pussy suck your cum out
I want you to jerk your fucking dick so hard, and then right when you’re about to cum,
slow down and slide it into my pussy
Yeah right when you’re about to cum just let the pressure of that load build up and then
feel that release as your cum floods my little pussy
I promise I’ll hold you so deep inside
I’ll leglock you and hold you as deep as you can go
All you have to do is focus on the sensation of my tight, wet hole squeezing your
throbbing cock, and your cum shooting deep inside me
Does that sound good to you, huh?
Ok, good boy. Let’s go.
Jerk off fast and hard for me
I want your cock to be so raging hard
So you better jerk off fast and hard for me
Mmm I bet that feels so fucking good doesn’t it?
Stroking so desperately while I tell you what to do?
Mmm here look at my tits, and my ass
And look how my legs are spread so wide for you
So vulnerable and welcoming
Yes, keep going
Keep stroking your cock
Keep stroking your cock
Mmm, keep jerking that dick
Faster, harder, faster, harder, faster, harder!
You know I love seeing that, baby, it makes me so wet
All the better for you to slide straight inside me, easy access
That’s right, you be good and do as I fucking say
Mmm are you so close?
Are you just about ready to blow your load?
Do you want to put it in my pussy?
I want you to be so out of control because you just can’t wait to put your cock inside me
My pussy is hungry for your dick, baby
My pussy wants all your cum
You need to empty your balls inside me, OK?
Mmm I want all your cum in me so bad
Are you so fucking close? Yeah? Oh good boy!
Come on, yes, stroke it faster, faster, faster
You’re going to cum,
in 5…
Mmm that looks so fucking good, I’m rubbing my pussy to make it so nice and wet for
you to just slide all the way in
Keep stroking, yes, you’re going to cum inside my pussy, that’s going to happen
Be ready to slow down and then slide it inside my pussy all the way up to my cervix
Mmm I’ll hold your balls at the same time while they pulse and empty deep inside me.
Your cum’s going to shoot straight through my cervix and hit the back of my womb.
You’re going to feel my pussy squeeze you while you fill my womb, baby…
Are you about to cum? Are you gonna cum?!
Get really, really fucking close, fuck fuck fuck fuck
Ok now slow down your strokes, let the pressure of that load build up, and…
Slide your cock inside my pussy now!
All the way in!
I’ll hold your balls and… OH!
Fuck, cum hard in my pussy OH FUCK!
Fill my womb.
Yes, I just feel that release deep inside my pussy.
Keep shooting your cum.
Oh fuck… Empty your balls and fill my womb.
Oh my god…. Get all of your cum out.
Milk it all the way through… Oh yes…
Ohhhh good boy.
Just hold there for a second while the last sperm leaves your cock and balls, travelling to
where it belongs.
Full release for you. Such a good boy.
Ok, now slowly, slowly, you can pull out of me…
Nice and easy… nice and gentle…. Ohh there you go.
I love seeing that big cock spring free, so relieved.
Just lay back and let me suck that cock for you, as a little parting gift.
You did such a good job of filling me up, baby.
Mmm… sucking noises
Let me just suck any last drops out of you sucking noises
Now doesn’t that feel so much better? sucking noises
sucking noises
My prescription is I want you to build up another load for 3 days
sucking noises
And then let’s do this all over again
sucking noises
Maybe next time I’ll sit on your face while you jack off for me.
sucking noises
Here, now I just suck on my big tits.
Just relax and suck my tits.
We got all your sperm out, baby.
Just relax and suck my tits knowing all of your sperm is inside my womb.
Suck my tits.
This is how you should be.
Cock relaxed, balls empty, with all your sperm inside my womb.
Relax and suck my tits, baby. Good boy.
I’ll see you in 3 days and we’ll do this all over again. Good night.

Hours on Edge of Orgasm (Step by Step)

This Scene Is…

Focused on sexual pleasure for one partner, this scene is focused on a long-term tease and denial (of orgasm!) session. With the receptive partner blindfolded and fully “lost” in the sensations, this gives a lot of leeway for the Dominant – which makes this a good beginner-friendly scene. As it’s very focused on general sexual pleasure (and tons of it!), the risk level from high-risk kink activities is low. This scene also lends itself well to multiple Dominants teasing a single receptive partner.

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Standing Punishment (Step by Step)

This Scene Is….

A lovely addition to any sort of “punishment” dynamic. Focused on providing sexual pleasure while also providing impact play, this dynamic works well as a “funishment” scene. The submissive will have their hands bound above their head (which is a very vulnerable position) while receiving sexual pleasure from a wand massager. This pleasure will be juxtaposed with the pain of the impact play that the dominant provides through their preferred impact toys.

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Foot Worship (Step by Step)

This Scene Is….

Focused on foot fetishism and foot slave service. This scene has especially been written up for femdoms who find themselves with a submissive who has a foot fetish – and they’re open to entertaining their sub’s kink, but they have no idea about quite what to “do”. Obviously, this isn’t always the case (and there are femdoms into foot kinks as well!), but it’s a scenario I see often enough in femdom forums that I wanted to focus on it.

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Chastity Femdom Scene (Step by Step)

This Scene Is…

A great primer if you’re not quite sure what to do with a chastity cage – or how to go about “involving” it in your kink life. Since chastity cages are pretty simple once they’re already locked on the body (they “prohibit” orgasm – the end), the biggest “scene” you have with it is putting it on and taking it off. That’s why this BDSM Scene Step by Step chastity femdom scene focuses on making a ritual out of putting on the chastity cage.

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