Pet Play Scene Step by Step

This Scene Is…

designed to be a repeatable introduction to any pet play BDSM scene you have in mind. The idea behind this “scene” is that it’s a pre-scene to any pet play BDSM scene where you’d like your partner to be deeper into the pet play mindset.

So, no matter what pet play activities you have planned for your scene, doing this pre-scene ahead of time will help your “pet” get into their animalistic headspace.

As a fun bonus, the more often you repeat this introduction to pet play, the better it will work. Each time you do this scene, the brain becomes to associate the gear and the activities with their pet play headspace. As long as you don’t try to do this introduction for not-pet play scenes, the associates of “this ritual = pet play” will start to make the ritual even more effective.

Funny how the brain works like that, isn’t it?

This Pet Play BDSM Scene is: a gentle introduction to pet play headspace through audio and visual cues, gentle introduction of gear, and a gentle starter activity for play.

What You Need

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Any other pet-play accoutrements specific to your pet’s headspace. This may include:
    • Ears
    • Hoods
    • Mitts to reduce use of the fingers
    • Tails
  • Any toys that your BDSM pet likes to play with
    • Any toys for fetch or chase
    • Any toys for squeaking
    • Any puzzle toys that the pet can interact with
    • Bowl or water or bowl of food

Household Things You Need to Have

  • Spend a bit of time finding a YouTube POV video that represents your BDSM pet’s interest. For example, if they’re a wolf, find a POV video of someone running through the forest. If they’re a cat, a window view of birds at a bird feeder might be great. If they’re a dog, what about a walk through the neighborhood? The idea to find a POV video that represents the viewpoint they’d experience as the BDSM pet in the “real world”. Have this ready to play (preferably without ads) on a large, immersive screen.
  • A large, immersive screen. A large TV or computer monitor can work here. It should be easily viewable from a comfortable spot.
  • A couch or comfortable spot in front of that large, immersive screen.
  • A large enough home area to take your pet for a short “walk”. Especially if your pet play BDSM scene doesn’t involve knee pads, this may not be a very long walk.

How Do You Prep for a Pet Play BDSM Scene?

Start by having a good negotiation about what limits and expectations your partner has for their pet play BDSM scene. Really, “pet play” can mean a whole range of things to different people – and the activities inside of the pet play scene can vary based on what “animal” someone is too. You probably don’t walk a BDSM pet who’s a squirrel but walking a dog makes perfect sense. So, step 1 on this one is to figure out what makes sense for your partner. Here are some leading questions to figure out how to make that happen:

  • “What kind of pet are you?”
  • “Why do you identify as that type of animal?”
  • “What types of activities does this pet do?”
  • “What types of activities would feel really unnatural to do?”
  • “If you only had a half an hour to get into the headspace of your BDSM pet, what would work great for you?”
  • “If you only had a half an hour to enjoy being that animal, what activity would that animal want to experience?”

    Now, you have a better idea of what types of activities you’ll want to do during your pet play BDSM scene. While I’m giving you the starting points for getting into the headspace, the actual scene itself will vary so widely depending on your partner’s animal that it can be hard to give you an actual BDSM scene outline like I usually do.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. At a time where you know they don’t have high levels of stress or mental baggage going on, start by calling their pet name. I imagine you sitting on a couch while your partner trots over.
  2. Depending on how you like them to move in their pet play headspace, you can chide them with something playful like “That’s not how [their animal] would move, now is it? Try it again.” and watch them back up and then crawl to you.
  3. Now that they’re between your legs, ask them to sit up as you take their pet play collar and fasten it around their neck. Praise them as you do, and use their BDSM pet name a few times as well. This helps reinforce the headspace.
  4. I want you to take their collar and leash and “bind” them somewhere. You can hold the leash and become the bondage point if you want – or you can attach the leash or collar to an external bondage point.
  5. Reiterate how you’d like to spend a bit of time with their pet play self – and talk to them like you’d talk to a pet. Reduce your full sentences and start adding more baby/silly talk that you use with animals.
  6. Turn on your YouTube video, lay back, and start to relax. Have the volume up loud enough that it’s hard to avoid listening to it, but it’s still quiet enough that you can talk over it. Depending on the mood you’re going for, you can invite your pet to crawl onto the couch and lay on your lap, or you can keep your pet resting at your feet.
  7. If your BDSM pet’s animal is a good fit for it, consider giving them a few pets.
  8. After five-ish minutes, consider equipping your pet with some of their other pet play accoutrements. This will vary based on what BDSM pet your partner actually is. This could be headgear, ears, a tail, specific clothing, harnesses, or more.
  9. All the while, minimize conversation and try to help your partner focus on watching (and feeling) the online video that you picked out for them.
  10. After about 25 minutes, consider interacting with your BDSM pet in a way that makes sense for them. If they’re a wolf, petting them and calling them a “good boy” probably isn’t a great fit (like you would a dog), but if they’re a cat, asking them to hide an acorn (like a squirrel) isn’t a great fit either. It’s all about figuring out how your pet would like be interacted with. Since most BDSM pets happen to be household-friendly pets, this usually can just include some baby-ish pet talk and some petting.
  11. Then ask them if they’d like to do something with their toy in a voice that’s appropriate for their animal. The “something” will vary based on what your toy is, but it’ll be some way to interact with your BDSM pet and push them further into the headspace. This can be an actual toy – or a food or water. A wolf, for example, might be pushed a bit further into the headspace by getting to “tear” at a piece of cooked (safe) meat with their teeth. A cat might like a ball of yarn. A dog find some of their headspace by getting to play fetch with a toy or stick.
  12. Again, the goal is just to use this starter pet play BDSM scene to help push your partner further into a mental pet headspace to prep them for whatever pet play activities you’d like to do next. So, treat them like the animal they are, do activities that feel natural to that pet, and avoid any sort of very-cerebral activities or discussions that might pull them out of that headspace.
  13. Move into the rest of your planned pet play BDSM scene now that your BDSM pet is in more of a pet-like mindset.

How to Make it Sexual

For a lot of people, human pet play scenes are actually entirely non-sexual. So if you or your partner don’t want to make it sexual, don’t think that you have to. You definitely DO NOT.

However, if the two of you decide that you’d like to add a bit of sexual pleasure to your scene, here are some quick ways to make it happen:

  • Use hands-free sex toys to add sexual pleasure during the scene. This could be something like an insertable egg vibrator, an vibrating butt plug like the Lovense Hush, or a vibrating butt plug that doubles as a tail. Some of these toys even offer remote control functionality to switch up the sensations as the pet own.
  • While “walking” your pet, consider getting a dick on a stick toy to use a dildo as a “leash” for your BDSM pet for easy reach while moving around.
  • Consider using a dildo or sex toy for part of your “fetch” play. Then consider sliding a condom over it before penetration if that makes sense.
  • Depending on your pet, they might need an “inspection”. This can be a great opportunity to use gloves and lube and inspect some of their orifices. This can lead to a lot of dirty talk too.

Pre-Written “Dirty” Talk

Unlike most of my BDSM scene outlines, I don’t think this scene needs or requires a lot of sexual dirty talk. You’re 100% free to do that (if you’re into sexual pet play – which is totally a thing), but instead, I’m going to focus some of these talking points on the pet play itself:

  • “Who’s a good boy/girl?” (a classic)
  • “I’m so glad I adopted you! You’re so well-behaved!”
  • “Hungry? Is my sweetie hungry?”
  • “Who’s ready for a walk? Outside? You wanna go outside??”
  • “C’mhere and lemme give you some scritches!”
  • “Fetch!”
  • “Wanna play? Does my baby wanna play?”
  • “Treat? *whistle* Hey, you wanna treat?”

Remember: the goal is not to expect your pet to verbally talk. The goal is to treat them like you would any other pet. Most people take on a “baby talk” voice when they’re being over-the-top while talking to a pet or animal. Consider taking that same tone of voice for any talking that you do at your partner.

And remember to remind your partner that animals don’t speak. If they attempt to communicate via words, tell them you can’t understand them – or something more to-the-point like “Animals don’t use words. Communicate like [your animal] would.”

Turns out, most animals have lots of non-verbal communication tells, and part of pet play is feeling “forced” to use those tells (for anything non-emergency related.)


Especially if crawling is involved, one of the biggest concerns about pet play is just the health and safety of the limbs. Most adults don’t really crawl around on the ground anymore, and our wrists and knees aren’t used to it. Knee pads can help (dramatically), but you should still attempt to limit crawling or keep it to plushy, carpeted areas when first getting into pet play.

If your pet really wants to be on all fours, but even carpeted areas aren’t doing it, consider “caging them” on the bed. This can allow them to crawl around while still providing more cushion for their knees.

Keeping a first aid kit around can be particularly helpful for all play, but it can be really helpful for Pet Play scenes. You can expect that your pet might get a cut or scrape at some point during pet play – especially if you’re roughhousing or they’re really active.

Especially during group pet play outings with lots of roughhousing between human pets, most pets come away with bruises or band-aids. It can be a point of pride in the pet play community.

The other biggest concern is headspace. You may want to be aware that some people, especially when deep into pet play space, can become extremely non-verbal. This won’t be the case for most people – especially when pet play space is so new – but you should be aware that it may happen. This can make sticking to the pre-negotiated plan even more important since your “pet” may not be in the proper headspace in order to consent to new activities. Padded Puppy Bondage Mitts Review

Credit: Kinky World