The Complete Sissy Training Guide Part 1

Difficulty level: Beginner

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Transforming yourself from a macho male into a submissive girly-girl is a more-than-daunting task. Becoming the type of girl that makes men’s cocks rock-hard and women’s pussies twitch in their panties takes more than the average sissy is ready to give.

While a so-called fem-boi is perfectly happy to pull a pair of panties over his hairy ass, then spend 5 minutes (or less) jacking off to some sissy-porn, a more serious sissy is at the opposite end of the femininity spectrum.

Her desire is to turn herself into an incredibly hot, sissified slut—one that would make any GG girl drool with envy.

A true sissy is more-than-ready to play the long-game of sissification. She understands that total transformation into the fuck-doll of her dreams will take more than just a pair of pretty panties, painted toenails and a tube of lipstick.

She’s spent her entire life trying to be something she isn’t… a man. It’s going to take a good amount of time, effort and commitment to strip away all vestiges of her remaining masculinity.

We’re not talking about a remodel project—or even a renovation. This is going to take a complete tear-down and rebuild from the bones up.

To be both fair and honest, becoming completely sissified—from the inside out—is not for every sissy. There are a multitude of life-circumstances that can prevent many girls from going all-the-way.

This Complete Sissy Training Guide is for the sissy who is ready to hold her nose and fall backwards off the 10-meter platform. It will involve training tasks that may seem cruel, intense conditioning practices, and strict behavior modification.

If you’re really ready for some scary and super-serious sissy training, then you’re in the right place.

DISCLAIMER: once you reach a certain point in this sissification process, it will be pretty much impossible to turn back.

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