How to Eat Your Cum

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How to eat your cum for the first time in 4 simple steps


If you want to start eating your own cum or you’ve been trying to but are struggling and you’d like to be a more obedient sissy then you’re in the right place.

With a lot positive reviews on the Cum Eating course that was created just for sissies like you, we know what we’re talking about.

This is a quick guide to and we know you’re eager to start eating cum so let’s get straight to it sissy girl!

Step 1: Do You Want To Eat Cum?

This might sound a bit silly, but seriously…

Do you?

Or do you want to do this just because you’ve seen and heard that sissies are supposed to in the porn you watch?

I always want to encourage good sissy etiquette, such as cleaning up your mess properly, and we at the Cathedral frown on disobedient sissies.

But if you genuinely do not want to eat cum, then you’ll struggle to get started and chances are you’ll never get to the point where you enjoy and even crave a mouthful of your load… or someone else’s!

If you actually do want to, then we need to understand WHY before you’re ready to begin your journey to being a cum dump.

 Why You Like Eating Cum

To help you understand why, let’s take a look at some of the most common

reasons sissies like you would want to.

I did some research on Reddit, asking sissies why they like eating cum and combined it with my own experiences as a sissy to come up with some common reasons:

  • It makes them feel super slutty
  • It’s convenient – no mess!
  • They want to feel more feminine, so they act like the hot girls they see in porn
  • It turns them on
  • It’s rich in Estrogen (yes, really!) as well as many other minerals
  • They love the taste
  • They feel like good sissies after 🙂
  • They feel hot and submissive

This list may have provided you with some inspiration to get you going but

if they haven’t resonated too deeply with you, don’t worry!

It’s because they’re reasons that sissies like eating cum AFTER getting used to it, not the reasons that they want to BEFORE blowing their own load into their greedy little mouths.

So, the question is…

    Why Do YOU Want To Eat Cum?

You might think the answer is obvious, but…

Why do you want to feel that warm, salty load drench your tongue, slide  down your throat and fill your tummy?

We’re gonna get really clear and focused on why you want to guzzle cum

like the sissy slut you dream of becoming, so you can be motivated to finally be one.

Sissy task time!

  1. Grab a pen and some paper.
  2. Click this you dirty whore.
  3. Spend 5 minutes looking at all those filthy sluts doing what you want to do, but don’t.
  4. Now list out all the reasons you have for eating cum, whatever cums 😉 to mind.
  5. Now stare at this for 1 minute.
  6. Go back to your list and circle the top 3 reasons.
  7. Look at each reason one at a time and ask yourself, “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”
  8. For each answer you came up in with point 7, ask “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”

You should now have a list filled with reasons, that are all meaningful and personal to you about why you really want to eat cum!

Your head and heart are in the right place to be a cumslut, time for step 2…

Step 2: Why You Struggle To Eat Your Cum

Now we know why you want to eat cum and you’re a step closer to your goal but… You still have to get over that hurdle and do it.

Why you haven’t is WAY simpler than why you want to.

So let me explain…

Post-Squirt Doubt

I know you’ve been there. We’ve all been there! What am I talking about?

Oh c’mon, you know sissy. You’re tugging away at your little clitty watching slutty whores playing with  cock after cock and guzzling down gallons of cum.

Getting ready to catch your sticky cum.

Thinking about how great it feels to have that your lips wrapped around a giant, hard cock, sliding in and out of your throat…

And then BOOM!

You’re squirting like crazy into your palm. You start to bring it to your mouth.

But then doubt starts creeping into your head as you look at the greyish white liquid in your hand.

“Do I really need to do this?”

All of a sudden, you’re not so sure.

You’re definitely not so horny anymore.

10 seconds ago you couldn’t WAIT to feel that warm tasty cum in your mouth. And now you can’t even imagine doing that…

What happened?

That ladies and (let’s be honest) bitches is post-squirt doubt.

You squirted, and now you’re thinking with a bit more intelligence because  your horniness has dropped.

So what can you do?

This leads us to the next question…

How Do I Overcome Post-Squirt Doubt?

Getting you to eat your cum is all about getting it into your cum-hungry

mouth before post-squirt doubt kicks in. It’s that simple, by using the methods in the next section you’ll be able to get used to the taste of cum, from there it’s just about building the habit.

So, let’s get into it…

Step 3: Methods For Getting Past It

Here are the 5 most effective ways I know of for helping sissies like you to swallow for the first time.

Common Techniques:

  • Sissy Facial

This one is as simple as it sounds

  • When you’re rubbing away and feel yourself getting close…
  • Lie down and bring your legs over your head, while your hips go into the air, so your sissy clit is pointed at your face (you can even use a wall to make it easier)
  • Take aim, keep stroking and dream of the slut you want to become.
  • Squirt all over your face, some of it will go into your mouth and you’re officially a cum eater!
  • By the time post-squirt doubt kicked in, it was too late…you are a cumslut!
  • Now you’ve done it, it’s a lot easier to use your fingers to scoop the rest into your eager, slutty hole.
  • The Catch

This one requires a bit more discipline than a sissy facial.

  • Decide what you’ll be using to catch your cum (glass, bowl, your hand etc.)
  • Then start rubbing yourself as normal.
  • When you’re ready to squirt, take aim and let your juices flow into your catcher.
  • Then QUICKLY pour the estrogen-rich contents into your mouth.
  • That’s where the discipline comes in, because it won’t take long for that post-squirt doubt to kick in – so you have to be fast!
  • CEI Videos

These are videos that are designed to take you from arousal to reward. There are many CEI videos aimed at a wider audience, but I recommend you use ones specifically aimed at sissies. As a sissy, you need to follow instructions and having someone tell you exactly what to do can make it easier.

Here’s a few suggestions:

These are videos that are designed to take you from arousal to reward. There are many CEI videos aimed at a wider audience, but I recommend you use ones specifically aimed at sissies. As a sissy, you need to follow instructions and having someone tell you exactly what to do can make it easier.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • A Ruined Orgasm
    • For a full breakdown on how to do this, go here.
    • This method will let you eat an endless amount of cum without a drop in your arousal.
  • Cum Eating Training

I think I’ve saved the best for last on this list

  • You get a contract to sign between yourself and the Head Mistress.
  • It will increase your cum lust and push you into oblivion.
  • You soon will (believing is a very powerful tool) stop having those postorgasmic regrets! Yeyy

Step 4: Which Method Are You Gonna Use?

This step is the simplest one. Pick a method and comment below which one you’re going to use.


Once you’ve tried it out, come back and tell me if you were successful or not! Good luck and remember, the first time is the hardest and you need to work for it.


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