Saran Wrap Mummification (Step by Step)

This Scene Is…

A great way to experiment with full-body bondage while on a seriously small budget and absolutely brand-new to kink and bondage. Really, virtually no money required – and no experience either!

Scene is: Full body saran wrap mummification scene that focuses on pleasuring and teasing the “mummified” bottom

For people who love bondage, mummification can be hot as hell. It essentially makes the bound person entirely helpless as they’re unable to move their hands or legs. This makes them a great “subject” for whatever “torture” the top wants to dish out.

In this case, we’re using saran wrap bondage to easily achieve mummification without any expensive leather sleepsacks or advanced BDSM techniques. Consider this bondage to the furthest extent possible – only we’re doing it via a method that makes it easy and pretty safe to pull off.

You pretty much just need to figure out what you want to “do” with your bound submissive once they’re all nice-and-snug in their cling wrap bondage cocoon! I offer further suggestion ideas in the Step-by-Step instructions section.

What You Need

  • Two 75ft rolls of plastic film wrap (one probably will work fine, but that’s nothing worse than being caught short; use the excess on your next scene. Generic or brand-name doesn’t matter)
  • Safety shears (Seriously. Safety shears. No substituting scissors here. It’s way too easy to slice your partner.)

Optional (This really varies based upon what you want to do with your bound partner)

  • Any sex toys that are workable with a person laying down with their legs together
  • Any sex toys for yourself
  • Blindfold
  • Headphones/music/Isolation earmuffs

Household Things to Have

  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Washclothes or hand-towels to put between “pokey” parts of the body – like the ankles – for extra comfort when binding the ankles next to each other

How Long Does It Take?

This scene should be super-comfortable for most people to stay in for an hour or two. It’s mostly dependent on bathroom breaks. The scene can go as short as 30 minutes – or as long as the two of you are comfortable with.

If you’re hoping to milk the “you’re helplessly bound and at my mercy” for long periods of time, I’d plan for two hours.

How Do You Prep?

First, I really recommend reading my entire Everything You Need to Know about Saran Wrap article. This will give you more background information about saran wrap, give you more ideas to add into your sex life now that you’ve tried out plastic film bondage, and provide more background information. To be fair, though, I’m just a sucker for having more knowledge.

Next, you need to figure out if you can help your partner lay down on the bed. Essentially, are you able to support your partner’s weight to help them lay down, backwards, on a bed, with no help on their end? If you’re a 120-pound person binding a 250-pound person, the answer is probably “nope”.

I suggest running a trial run with your partner. Ask them to stand in front of the bed, facing away from the bed. You want them to stay as solid as a board with their arms crossed across their chest. Now figure out if you can get them onto the bed safely.

If not, that’s totally okay! We have a great workaround that feels just as bondage-y, but knowing whether you can accomplish this will help you decide which “path” you should take during the instructions.

You’ll also want to make sure to have your equipment and supplies all nearby and at-hand during the scene.

Make sure you know how to use the safety shears before the day comes, but it’s honestly as simple as just using a pair of scissors.

That’s about the gist of the prep work.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Ask your partner to use the bathroom before you play. Once you start this, there is no “escaping” unless you start back from square 1 again. As plastic film wrap is pretty cheap, this isn’t a huge deal (like if the person has a potty emergency), but you probably want to eliminate it if it’s just a standard tinkle break.

2. From there, request (or order; however you’re doing this!) your partner to stand in front of the bed, facing away from the bed. (If your partner has issues standing and keeping their balance, they can sit down on the edge of the bed for this first part. It makes for a safer bondage experience too.)

Your partner’s hands should be comfortably at their sides – and dressed in the clothing (or naked) that you’re going to be binding them in saran wrap with. I highly recommend removing all jewelry, cell phones, electronics, watches, belts, etc. More tips and reasons down in the “Safety” portion.

3. Start your saran wrap mummification bondage wraps. To do this, open up your plastic film wrap, press the sheet, flat, onto the surface of their skin, and then start to wrap around their chest. Especially on your first couple of wraps, the plastic film is going to wiggle around in an aggravating manner. You’ll likely need to hold the wrap with one hand and do a straight-up hug around your partner as you wrap the roll around their body and come back to your starting point.

4. From there, you continue wrapping all around their chest. Each time you complete a wrap, make sure the cling wrap is partially touching the previous wrap. Over time, as you do this enough, this provide enough “cling” that it becomes bondage – and makes it impossible to easily

5. Right now, we’re just focusing on the chest and upper body. Ensure that you aren’t binding too tightly as most people’s chests expand and contract as they breathe. Only go as high – and as low – as you want. Avoid the neck entirely. Avoid going anywhere higher than the broadest part of the shoulders. If you want, you can just do around the elbows, but you could also do from the sternum all the way do the lower tummy. It’s entirely up to you and what fun you had in mind.

From here, the instructions split depending on whether you’re able to support your partner’s weight to safely get them back onto the bed without their assistance. It’s totally okay if you can’t, but you’ll want to follow a different path.

If You Can’t Support Their Weight

3. Now that you’re done with the chest, you’ll want to end your wrap. At some point, just rip the saran wrap bondage strip you’re on, tuck it onto the person’s saran-wrapped-torso (or lay it entirely flat and press it firmly into the wraps you’ve already made). Now we’re going to move onto the lower body.

4. You can do this in a couple of different ways depending on your bottom’s strength and your strength. You can have your partner scoot back onto the bed far enough that their entire full-body is laying onto the bed – then have them stick their legs into the air while you use the saran wrap to bind the feet – starting at the ankles.

Alternatively, you can have the person continue to stand/sit on the edge of the bed while you wrap the legs and ankles with saran wrap mummification process – but this can be harder to get them comfortably and fully on the bed when you’re done with all of the wraps.

Essentially, if you can’t support your partner’s weight, we’re going to leave the hip area unwrapped with saran wrap. This allows your partner to hinge at the waist, squat down a bit, etc. – which can help you move their weight around to get them comfortable on the bed. (As a bonus, it also means, you don’t necessarily need to cut a hole near the genitals when playing further down the line.)

Saran Wrap Bondage Tips
Placing a washcloth between the knees in saran wrap bondage can help prevent uncomfortable bone chafing

5. As you wrap around the ankles and knees, especially if your partner is on the slimmer side of body build, I recommend adding a folded handtowel. Put it between their ankles/knees, have them squeeze the limbs together to keep it in place, and wrap around the limbs. This helps prevent the boney parts from rubbing against each other in a not-fun way.

6. When you get down to the ankles, we’re going to be ending the wraps. Rip the saran wrap and finish it like you did before. Now you’re done and ready to move onto “Everybody Back Together Now”! Tada!

If You Can Support Their Weight

3. Instead of ending the wrap (like you did on the previous version), we’re just going to continue with your wraps down the torso. Whereas the earlier option left the bound person able to bend over to help the top get the bottom onto the bed safely, you’ve ascertained that you can do that function “for” your bottom, so we’re going to go for a full-encasement wrap.

Continue to wrap around your partner’s body. While wrapping, be aware that you’re removing all of your partner’s ability to stabilize themselves. (Most people stand with legs apart and have their arms for further stability if they get caught off balance. You’re taking that away.)

This means it’s very possible (and likely if pushed off-balance) that your partner may fall down during this wrapping process. That’s why we’re doing it in front of the bed. Make sure they’re poised to fall onto the mattress if they tip, keep the mattress empty of everything (ESPECIALLY the safety shears!) except soft blankies, and don’t try to “catch” them if they’re already tipping towards the bed. You’re more-likely to change their trajectory and harm them more than just letting them plop onto the bed if they’re already on their way.

4. When wrapping the ankles and the knees, I recommend the same suggestion as I did above. Go get your washcloths and place them between the knees/ankles. Ask your partner to hold the fabric in place while you wrap around the limbs like usual. This padding between the bones can help them from rubbing uncomfortably against each other – especially if your partner is on the slimmer body size side of things.

5. Finish off your wrap near the ankles. Now your partner should be encased, shoulder-to-ankle in a mummification saran wrap. Heck yes! Tear off the saran wrap where you’re at, press it flat against the wraps you’ve already done, and your partner is successfully bound!

6. Now that they’re fully bound, we have to get them onto the bed. (For realsies. Don’t do much play standing up. Your partner has no sense of balance right now.) This is really where the practice that you did earlier comes in. You’ll be able to know what’s the easiest way to help your partner get onto the bed.

From my experience, it’s easiest to go behind your partner, with them facing away from the bed, and ask them to tilt backwards into a “trust fall”. This tends to work a whole lot better than trying to use your biceps to “lower them” onto the bed from their front side.

Now you’re ready to get back to the fun saran wrap mummification play time!

Everyone Back Together Now

Depending on how much your partner likes bondage, you can take this time to do virtually anything else you’d like as long as you stay near-ish your partner. You have your partner’s upcoming bathroom break and body needs as a “time limit”, but other than that, it’s pretty much up to you and your partner – and how much they like being entirely mummified. Some ideas:

  • If they’re into abandonment play, tell them you’re going out, put a blindfold and isolating headphones on them, and “leave” (aka, read a book nearby, masturbate in the same room, whatever as long as you’re in the same room).
  • If they’re into hypnosis, add that blindfold and headphones and make them listen to a curated erotic hypnosis track you selected ahead of time.
  • If they’re into foot fetishism, sit on the bed and rest your feet all over their face.
  • If either of you have some bisexual threesome fantasies or cuckolding fantasies (and have negotiated a third person ahead of time), this can be a fun time to “force” them into enjoying these fantasies.
  • If you want some sexual play, consider pulling up a chair nearby the bed, spreading your legs, and masturbating and pleasuring yourself within their full view- while they’re unable to do anything but watch from their cocoon.
  • “Facesitting” should be done with extreme caution – preferably not at all. Your partner is missing any real way to “escape”. They can’t tap your thighs if they’re out of breath, and they can’t really move themselves, so the utmost care should be taken for their air supply. Do not expect to ride their face to orgasm with this.
  • If you both really want to do facesitting in this position, modify your earlier saran wrap bondage wraps. Leave your partner’s hands – not arms, just the hands themselves – out of the wraps. You can then give your partner a loud object like a squeaky dog toy or a bell to hold during the facesitting. When they’re having issues during the facesitting, they can make noise with this object to notify you to move.
  • If you want to add more safety while still doing “facesitting” in the original way we’d planned, don’t actually sit on their face. Just masturbate right on top of their face while not resting any weight on top of their face. It provides many of the same mental benefits for your sub – without most of the safety concerns of actual facesitting.
  • If they’re into omorashi, well, they’re already bound and far away from a toilet. (Just make sure you have a waterproof blanket down if that was your intention.)

You also have safety shears – and now’s the time to use them for fun! Cut out areas of the plastic wrap bondage around erogenous zones that you want to play with. This could be the vulva, the penis, the nipples, the anal area, etc. Essentially, with the position we’ve put them in, certain places are probably “off-limits”. (You’re going to have a hard time inserting something into the vagina, for instance, as the legs are tightly pushed together, but you can pleasure the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator).

Saran Wrap Bondage Hitachi Magic Wand

With strategically-cut holes, you have some fun options if you want to enjoy sexual play:

  • Cut holes at the nipples to touch and pleasure them.
  • Cut holes at your partner’s most-ticklish spots – and torture them. (Be careful they don’t get too close to the edge of the bed! And expect this to move a LOT of your saran wraps! Keep an eye on those wraps!)
  • Holes cut near the genitals will easily allow you to access the penis for stroking, edging, teasing, etc.
  • A wand massager can be powerful enough to still pleasure the clitoris despite not being able to spread the legs. It’ll be indirect pleasure, but it can work.
  • A smaller vibe (like a bullet vibrator) can be used to actually slide between the vulva lips and reach the clitoris. Be gentle with this as skin-on-vibe friction can be uncomfortable. If the person isn’t sweaty enough there, you might want to add a bit of lube.
  • You can cut out enough of the butt to possibly be able to insert something into the anus. This depends on your partner’s size, cheek size, and the amount of lube you’re willing to use on the cheeks themselves. You’d also need to flip your partner over; the difficulty of getting at the butthole while they’re laying flat, faceup, is not worth it.

In the future, if you plan ahead and want to add more sexual and kink play to your saran wrap BDSM scene, you can also:

  • Leave the hands out of the mummification for a squeeze toy – which allows for non-verbal safewords. This can mean you can toss a gag into the mouth as well.
  • Slip a vibrating toy into the vagina before wrapping. Forewarned: Some remote-control vibrators or Bluetooth vibes may not be able to transmit commands through the saran wrap.
  • Slide a dildo into the vagina.
  • Slip a butt plug into the butt – including vibrating butt plugs. Again, some remote-controlled or phone-controlled sex toys might not be able to listen to commands through saran wrap – so either plan for the battery to die mid-scene or they might end up getting numb from vibrations with no way to “fix” it.
  • Slip a dildo into the butt.
  • For severe sadists, brushing some light itching powder onto the skin of your partner before you wrap them. Constant itches with no relief? Damn.
  • For ABDLs and diaper lovers, a diaper can easily be attached to their body before any wraps are put on.

Keep in mind that some of these bondage options are irreversible mid-scene without destroying your bondage. For example, if a vibrator’s vibrations are starting to feel grating or numbing instead of pleasurable, you may have to cut your bondage in order to solve the problem.

When You’re Done with your Saran Wrap Mummification

When you’re done with your saran wrap mummification (orgasms, just decided to be done, whatever you want!), it’s time to cut-out your partner. Before you cut them out, I recommend a little bit of snuggling with their saran wrap bondage’d form. Even if the kink is “over”, this can be a fun way to reinforce the power dynamic between the two of you in a subtle way. Even without actively doing something to the bondage person, they still are stuck in bondage during the aftercare. (Obviously, take your partner out earlier if needed.)

To cut them out, I recommend starting near the ankles if they’re not wearing long pants. (Bare skin means no likelihood of cutting clothing they’re wearing.) As the ankles are cut, you’ll see that the saran wrap mummification loosens up – so you can slip your hand underneath the wraps and pull them even further from the skin to make your cuts – entirely avoiding any clothing as you get near the possibly-clothed parts of the body. Rinse and repeat until your partner is cut free.

They’re likely to be a sweaty mess – who is now probably really cold – so a blanket you can easily wash (because sweat) is a great aftercare item here. People’s limbs are likely to be a bit blood-starved after being bound for so long, so small, gentle movements to reawaken the limbs and get them moving can be helpful too.

(If possible, I always recommend having a separate set of safety shears for “emergency” use and a set for “play” use. The “play use” are the shears you’d use for cutting your partner out of this bondage with saran wrap scene UNLESS it was an emergency. Essentially, like any scissoring object, using it, over and over, will slowly deaden the blades. You do NOT want an unprecise cutting instrument when you’re in an emergency.

So your emergency safety shears should be solely tested to ensure they cut the material you need to cut (and periodically checked) and never used for play. And the “Play” shears take the brunt of the cutting dirty-work when you’re just playing around – like with this saran wrap bondage scene. Luckily, most safety shears are available in different colors – so you can color-code your needs with this one.)

Pre-Written Dirty Talk

  • “Awww, someone is trapped and can’t escape, can they?”
  • “Since you’re trapped, I can do [kink you’re doing here] and you can’t stop me.”
  • “You’re going to stay there until I decide to release you. Let’s see if your performance pleases me, and I’ll think about it.”
  • “Does it feel tight against your skin? Try squirming. See if there’s any way you can escape.”
  • “Let me cut out the spots that really matter. I’ll try to be careful with the scissors. Hopefully you still have a dick/clit when I’m done.”
  • “Don’t you wish you could touch me? Poor you.”
  • “All wrapped up and entirely helpless at my mercy. How horrible it must be for you.”


Some people have some serious phobias about being trapped – and some people have zero idea about those phobias until they happen to get trapped inside something that induces those phobias. That’s where you really need to keep your safety shears nearby and regularly communicate with your partner. Keeping your safety shears nearby for a quick escape is also a great idea if you have someone with bodily functions that aren’t always predictable (like IBS or anything else).

Avoid any gags with this mummification. Since your partner is laying on their back, it can make it harder to swallow, and since your partner literally lacks any way to communicate with you outside of speaking or shaking their head, you really need their mouth to be able to talk.

Most people breathe best face-up. Plan to have your mummified partner face-up, on their back, for the majority of the scene. Make sure to ask them if that’s the best breathing position for them, though. Facedown breathing can present a lot of problems for people – especially with no way to move or adjust their weight. Laying them sideways will put a ton of pressure onto the arm, very quickly, and will put it sleep within minutes. It isn’t particularly sustainable.

Keep in mind that the saran wrap mummification is the entirety of your bondage – and the only way to “adjust” things after your partner is in the bondage is through removing the entire thing. This means that adding or removing things underneath the saran wrap wrapping can be really problematic. I suggest ensuring everything that goes underneath your saran wrap bondage wraps is something that’s comfortable enough for the person to have on them for the entirety of the scene – or (in the case of the itching powder) ensure that you’ve planned to cut them out early and that’s part of the fun. This includes things like vibrators (especially if there’s no way to turn them off).

This also extends to “boring” vanilla things like jewelry, watches, or other items on the person. Anything that can “poke” into the skin in uncomfortable manners should be fully removed before doing the scene. If the person prefers clothing, body-tight, but comfortable, clothing is recommended – like yoga pants. Things with loose layers can shift and become uncomfortable during the bondage and has a higher likelihood of getting cut during removal.

Noting the “static” design of this saran wrap mummificiation even applies to boring things like body position. Keep that in mind if you’re trying new positions. Having the person hug themselves (with their arms crossed around their chest) is likely to put one arm to sleep very quickly. The only way to “solve” that is cutting them out of the bondage. Same with lots of other small adjustments. Limbs fall asleep pretty easily when there’s no way to move them.

Seriously, keep your safety shears nearby. NOT on the bed itself while doing the saran wrap bondage wraps – but within arm’s reach in case things go wrong.

How to do Saran Wrap Mummification. Image shows rolls of colored saran wrap laying on the bed next to safety shears. Hard light makes it look like a calm, serene morning.

Credit: Kinky World