Foot Worship (Step by Step)

This Scene Is….

Focused on foot fetishism and foot slave service. This scene has especially been written up for femdoms who find themselves with a submissive who has a foot fetish – and they’re open to entertaining their sub’s kink, but they have no idea about quite what to “do”. Obviously, this isn’t always the case (and there are femdoms into foot kinks as well!), but it’s a scenario I see often enough in femdom forums that I wanted to focus on it.

This scene is specifically written for a female dominant and a male submissive – as it’s the most-common set-up for a lot of foot slave dynamics. That being said, feel free to switch things in and out to better identify with your gender and your dynamics.

Scene Is: Foot worship scene, Foot slave scene, Foot fetish scene.

What Do You Need

This scene is relatively low-cost and pretty chill, and it mostly uses items you already have around the house. You might want:
-A vibrator or dildo that’s orgasmic for you
-Your choice of “porn” – whether that’s written, visual, or what-have-you
Massage oil
-Any lube your sub prefers if you’ll allow them to masturbate

Household Things to Have
-A chair or couch where you can easily pick up your legs off the ground (nothing you’ll sink into)

How Long Does it Take?

This scene can go as short or as long as you’d like, really. You could truncate the scene half-way through and just have a short, 10 minute teasing session with your feet. You could leisurely draw-out all of the aspects to have your foot fetish submissive spend the next hour and a half on the floor. It’s entirely up to you.

How Do You Prep for a Foot Fetish Scene?

This is entirely on you with how much you’d like to put into the scene – and most notably, your feet. When I know my feet are going to be on-display for a scene, I tend to spend the two or three weeks before the scene taking extra-special care of my feet with lotioning, exfoliating, and getting a pedicure beforehand (assuming I won’t be receiving one during the scene). It’s entirely up to you and what makes you feel like your feet are particularly presentable.

I also recommend having a discussion with your foot fetish submissive about any other fetishes they have surrounding their foot kink. Some common ones include pantyhose, specific types of heels, specific nail polish colors, and other things. If you’re going to have a scene to help indulge their foot fetish kink, you might as well have all of the knowledge to “go all the way” with it if you want. You can definitely add heels, pantyhose, or any other accouterments to the first “teasing” phase of the scene with little effort on your end.

I also recommend knowing what “cleanliness level” your foot slave likes feet to be. Some people are really into the “well-walked-on” feet thing while others will be entirely turned off if you present them your feet after 10 hours of work. (But seriously, a foot massage after a 10-hour day sounds heavenly!) Determine whether you’ll want to shower ahead of the scene based on that info and how you’re feeling.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. You can start this scene as abruptly as you’d like. If you and your submissive have a BDSM-scene ritual (like collaring), you could start with that. If you’re in the middle of a TV show, you could pause and start this as well. If you’re abruptly going from real-life into the scene, though, expect to spend a bit longer at the first teasing phases to give you both some time to get into the mental headspace.

2. Sit down on the couch/chair. Instruct your submissive to sit at your feet. They may be in the state of dress that you prefer.

3. Place your feet into their lap – and tell them that they are not allowed to touch you without permission. If they attempt to touch, I recommend a clear sound and a verbal reminder to tell them that they’re not allowed to touch.

4. Wiggle your feet in their lap. If they have a penis, you may want to pay particular attention to pressing your toes and feet into the spot where their penis is (if they’re dressed). Same can be done with a clitoris. Again, more reminders if they attempt to touch you. At this point, your full attention should be on them and your interactions.

5. As you continue to tease them while not allowing them to touch, I recommend taking this time to intersperse some dirty talk into the dynamic. This is a great time to remind them how nice you’re being by letting them so close to your feet. Depending on their interest in humiliation, you can toss in humiliation – or just focus on how much you know they’re enjoying being near your feet. Some of the pre-written dirty femdom talk below can help.

6. Depending on your interests, a bit of lube is all you need to allow a bit of a foot job on your foot slave’s penis. If the idea of moving your feet like that sounds like a nightmare for your core muscles, tell your foot slave to thrust themselves between your feet – still with no touching of their hands. Of course, you can choose to let them orgasm from this and call it the end of the scene, but we have more planned if you want!

7. After you’ve had your fill of reminding them of their place and teasing them, now we’re going to start adding in some pleasure focused on you. Toss them that bottle of massage oil from earlier and order them to give you a foot massage. Your slave into foot fetishism might not be particularly great at it, or they might be fantastic. Feel free to give any feedback as needed, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! It’s a free foot massage that will done as long as you decide you want it.

8. At some point, it will seem like the massage oil is wearing down and your interest in receiving a massage is waning. (This can be after the first oil application or the tenth. Your choice!) Once you think it’s mostly dried up, order them to lay down on the ground. From here, you’ll want to get your sex toy and pornographic materials ready – within whatever state of dress you’d like to be in.

9. With your foot slave in place, you can now get a lot more comfortable as you place your feet over his face. Order him to worship your feet with his hands and mouth. Be careful not to place much weight on your feet. We’re going for complete immersion – not trampling. (You can lean back in the chair you’re sitting in.)

10a. Depending on your dynamic, at this point, the scene is really asking us to throw in some good “ignore kink” dynamics. As he worships your feet (without much of a chance of escape, really), you can lay back and watch/read your porn and play with your sex toy. You might find the foot fetish sensations to be particularly pleasurable when partnered with other types of “typical” sexual pleasure like your sex toys of choice. You can ride out this part of the scene until orgasm if you’d like. You can toss him the bottle of lube and allow him to use one hand to masturbate while he worships your feet if you’d like.

10b. If your dynamic doesn’t really fit with an ignore kink, you can spend more time interacting with your submissive. This can include specific commands (gently sucking on toes can be pretty pleasurable for a lot of people) as well as some jack-off instruction if that’s what gets you off. Use him as your personal interactive “porn movie” as he’s involved with your feet. Just be careful not to accidentally poke him in the eye! (Keeping the feet “flat” instead of trying to touch things with your toes can really help with that when you’re distracted by, y’know, the vibrator you’re using.)

11. At this point, you can end the scene (orgasms or not) or move onto some other activities. With his position, this can be a good time for woman-on-top sex or facesitting. You can also move onto further foot-focused worship like asking him to wash your feet or paint your toenails (if you didn’t have a pedicure already).

Pre-Written Dirty Talk

  • “You’re right where you belong. At my feet.”
  • “Filthy little foot slave. You’d rather look at my feet than my pussy, wouldn’t you?”
  • “Would you like to suffocate with my foot over your mouth? Seems like you like it.”
  • “Mmm, get the arch some’more. If you don’t start doing a better job, you won’t be having an orgasm for the next week.”
  • “Thank you for massaging my feet, subbie. Mmmm. That feels amazing.”
  • “You’re so good at touching my feet that I might make you do this every night! Maybe we should send you to classes on foot massages?”
  • “What do you think about making this a weekly thing? We’ll teach you how to give pedicures and foot massages, and you’ll make sure I’m looking good for the week.”
  • “You look awfully cute at my feet like that. It kinda looks like where you belong.”
  • “Aww, does someone like their footjob? I never expected you to like something so embarrassing!”
  • “Tell me about the last time you fantasized about my feet. If you don’t include enough details, there will be a punishment.”
  • (Stumped? Take a long time describing something you’ve done to care for your feet in a sexy voice! You can describe how much care and handling went into your feet when you went and got that pedicure. How does it feel to lotion them up? What about the sensation of sliding them into your favorite heels?)


As this scene is relatively low-key, there aren’t a whole lot of risks involved. The biggest “risk”, really, as a femdom who may not be “into” foot fetishism, is the fact that you may not enjoy yourself at all (which is not okay!). Modify this scene as much as possible to get some enjoyment out of it – and if you find that it’s still not a good fit, consider adding some of your favorite kinks before/after this foot worship scene to get some enjoyment out of it. While it’s 100% normal to occasionally “treat” your partner with something that you’re otherwise not super-into, it’s not okay to never get pleasure out of a thing you continually do for someone else with nothing in return. And most partners would rather you find some ways to make it work for you – especially since that means that you’d be willing to do it more often!

The only other risk would be the concern over putting too much weight onto your foot sub’s face or lap, but as long as you’re seated, this is unlikely. This is why we have the chair/couch. Feel free to lean back onto the place where you’re seated as much as you need to. Reduce scratching/poking at his face by keeping your feet flat when they’re on-top of his face. Again, try to keep as much weight off of your feet as possible. If your core muscles aren’t having it, you can always put one foot onto the floor while only lifting and using one foot at a time.

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Credit: Kinky World