Many of our lessons require you to blog about something or another. Some of our assignments request a picture, video, or other proof to be provided. With the right blog settings you can keep your blog 100 % private except from the staff here at Mistress Training that is.

Blog Choices

There are several choices for Blogging but we only recommend two.


WordPress is our primary recommendation, it is easy, free, and there is a lot of support for it. You have a few options with WordPress hosting.

  • Use WordPress themselves. (Free and Paid Plans)
  • Use Hosted WordPress
  • Self Host WordPress
  • For a minimal fee of either $10/month, $90/year, or $500/lifetime we can host the site on our secure servers. This includes basic setup for you at no added cost.
  • We also offer limited support via email at a reasonable rate for any of the wordpress options.


Blogger is a simplistic approach at creating a traditional blog. We are unable to offer any support for Blogger.