Sample Training

Sample Training

Tasks for the month of [                          ]

As a creative and willful submissive I will present to you a free flowing style of task management. A task from each group is required to be completed during each of the weeks in this month. You may pick the task in any order as long as you complete one per group per week. For example, you can do item 1 in group 2 on week three. You may do the tasks on any day except the masturbation act, which has clearly defined requirements.

In total, you will have completed three tasks per week. You will be graded on these tasks and will be required to prove that you have accomplished the task. An overall grade of 90% or more will reward you will receive a token of recognition for your success. A passing grade will be 80%. If a grade of 80% or less is reached your contract will be re-evaluated and you might be required to do the tasks over again!

Group One: Essays
1. What is submission?
2. What is Total Power Exchange (TPE) and how do you feel about it?
3. What is dominance?
4. How do you view a submissive and dominant relationship?

Group Two: Positions
1. Set your alarm clock to 10 minutes and kneel with the kneeling pads naked or cross-dressed. Heels touching bottom, arms in front, and palms up on your thighs, head bowed in silence. Think about your submission to me.
2. Set your alarm clock to 10 minutes and stand in a corner naked with only panties on. Head bowed, eyes closed & hands clasped behind head until arms tired or at 10minutes. Pretend that I am there. Walking around you, smelling you, poking at you, pulling your balls, smacking you, and watching you. Reflect on your submission to me.
3. Greet me by dropping down to the floor in the kneeling position and then bow down as if I was there and I want you to recite this “Oh Master I am blessed to be at your feet, thank you for allowing me this pleasure”. Do this until you memorize this saying.
4. Get a bowl of milk & put it on the floor and tuck your hind legs in like a cat and your arms stretched out in front of you. Now lowering your elbows and drink with your tongue like a kitten.

Group Three: Acts
1. Masturbation: You will follow this regime for one full week

Day one: You will touch yourself without coming. You will bring yourself close to orgasm 2 times.
Day two: While clothed you will rub yourself on items such as your bed, table, sink but you cannot touch yourself with your hands.
Day three: You will not touch or rub yourself
Day four: You will not touch or rub yourself
Day five: While wearing your panties you will touch yourself and bring yourself close to orgasm 3 times and then you will come.
Day five: You will not touch or rub yourself
Day six: You will touch yourself to orgasm 2 times. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
Day seven: You will not touch or rub yourself.

2. Learn the procedures of a pedicure and give yourself one.

3. Take three strands of rope, yarn, etc and learn to braid the strands.

4. Choose any act of submission that you believe will be useful to us. Study it and practice it. Pick anything that is of interest to you and present it to me in any way that you desire in which the ultimate goal is to please me.

Your teacher & Master,