Ruined Orgasm

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What is a ruined orgasm?

How do I ruin my orgasm?
Why should I ruin my orgasm?
Why not just deny myself instead?
How is a ruined orgasm different from a milking?
Can I ruin my orgasm multiple times?

What is a ruined orgasm?

It is an orgasm that does not feel fully satisfying, it is still an orgasm and there is some ejaculation but it does not give that stronger orgasmic spasm and often gives a sense of leaving you wanting for more. A ruined orgasm also tends to not reduce your sexual appetite that much and therefore can be very frustrating if that is ALL you get

How do I ruin my orgasm?

When you get to the “point of no return” you ejaculate and you get a normal orgasm. However just before that if you stop and do not hold your cock, then it just slowly leaks out a bit. So just when you feel it is coming… just let go and do nothing. Stop all stroking and just let it leak out. Most can do this without any training, and it is quite easy to do on someone tied up that you play with. Since they do not really have a choice in the matter.

Why should I ruin my orgasm?

You get horny in no time, it does not ruin your sexual mood, it is a good way to show you truly submit to someone, and you can ruin quite a few times a day but it is often hard to cum hard that much! It means more sex and keeping yourself sexually ready for longer, and having your brain crave release even more!

Why not just deny myself instead?

Because if you keep denying yourself for too long, especially if you are not even touching, then your cum production and sexual appetite “Your libido” goes down. We do NOT want this, do we?

How is a ruined orgasm different from a milking

A ruined orgasm comes from stimulation on the head, which is taken away “to early”. However, milking is when you keep pushing the prostate over and over causing an involuntary orgasm. I mean involuntary in the way that there is nothing the person can do about it. If you are not the mood I doubt you can really milk someone or have them cum that successfully. Sissies in their earlier stages are a bit different than girls here. Girls can definitely have forced orgasms, and to an extent, sissies can too but it is by stimulating these erotic points at least. Milking a sissy or man stimulates a point that does not need to give them pleasure. However, done in certain ways they can get some pleasure anally. A good dominant at milking should be able to milk without any pleasure. When milking results in ejaculation there is not real orgasm other than the spasm and it comes with no release from frustration at all, even if the milking felt good it is as if cum comes leaking out and the person is still just as horny. This is really an evil thing to do. One can also milk someone with an electric device, that triggers a forces ejaculation spasm. This, however, is painful, does not feel good in the slightest and is way more hardcore. Of course, that just makes it that much more fun to do. Any sissy that things a chastity device plus forced electric milkings sounds like a hot idea tend to soon be very willing to do anything for you. Even the most rebellious ones. This is truly evil and yet sooo much fun!

Can I ruin my orgasm multiple times?

As long as you can stimulate yourself to the point of orgasm then you can any number of ruined orgasms. However even though a ruined orgasm leave you hanging, it still seems to lower the sissy’s libido a little bit each time and also increases the sensitivity of their little clit. Sissies are different in what they can handle, and how fast they are back up to maximum horniness. I am also quite sure that the training and experience of having ruined orgasm makes it easier to do it more often, and it also seems that there are differences in how it is ruined or who is doing it. A sissy being ruined in the setting of a mistress tends to be able to tolerate many more ruins than they could with their girlfriend at home for example. This can be confusing when teaching the girlfriend or boyfriend of a sissy. The mental part clearly seems to be important for all forms of sex xD

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Male Submission – Quick Primer A-Z

Arousal and Denial: In regards to the male, denial is an excellent motivator. The promise or restriction of a possible orgasm will spur the strongest man to submission.

Ashtray Service: Can be either he holds it for you or he is the ashtray.

Body Worship and/or Service: This is where you hold the real power. Your body is the ultimate reward for the male. Controlling the sexual strings is where we females have the upper hand.

Butt Plugs:  A wonderful device for public humiliation and control.

CFNM: Clothed female, nude male. In our society, nudity is usually a sign of shame or embarrassment. To require a male to be continually nude, if your female presence is to remind him of your superiority. This technique stems from POW camps.

Chastity: A device which prohibits the orgasm. Can also be mental chastity but that requires a much disciplined program from both parties and strong wills.

Cock and Ball Torture: Any action that causes pain of any degree or restriction of any sort to the male genitalia.

Cock Rings: What I like to call the “hidden collar”. These come in so many varieties a seminar could be given on just them. This is an excellent overt way of controlling and marking the male.

Corporal Correction: Traditionally this is administered as spankings over the knee, which is both humiliating and effective to keep him in line. Canes, hairbrushes and other implements may be used.

Cuckoldry: Having your male watch you receive sexual pleasure from another male while he is denied such a privilege.

Emasculation: Any activity that assists the female in removing or lessening the masculine traits of her submissive.

Female Supremacy: The belief system that females are superior to males in all forms.

Financial Control: Harkens back to the 1950s, man as the bread winner and comes home and turns over the paycheck to wife. Findoms are very popular in current social media. Again this runs on a continuum.

Forced Feminization: Cross dressing for the non-cross dresser. Used more so as a humiliation or embarrassment technique. Many women find males dressed in slight feminine gear extremely erotic. Panties under the pants to work are a favorite of mine.

Goddess Worship: An earth based form of female superiority. Stems from the ancient Earth religions were women were revered as the Mothers of All.

House Hubbies: Recall Mr. Mom? That’s what this is. It can be a 24/7 thing or just set for certain times such as week-ends. It is basically role reversal. He takes on the typical feminine duties.

Humiliation: Comes in many forms. Public, Verbal and psychical are the three most common. Embarrassment is a wonderful tool to use where the male is considered.

Induced Orgasms: This refers to his masturbation under your guidance. You may place restrictions on it to suit whatever whim you desire. It is his goal to accomplish it. For example, he will receive 57 strokes with the cane of his ass while masturbating. On stroke 57, he is to cum. If he fails, the process will be repeated until he does as you command. Get creative here.

Male Milking: Another term for orgasm control. You take the orgasm from him. He does not control it.??Mounting: Male is bound and restrained while female uses him sexually. His sole use is to pleasure her. ??Nectar Ingestion:   This can be one of the ultimate rewards for a male submissive.

Schedule Control: Placing limitations and requirements on his time. Assigning him tasks to complete, such as check-in times.

Shaving: Can be used as a tool for humiliation or emasculation. To remove a male’s hair from parts not normally bald is to remove part of his masculinity. By shaving his legs, you make him more feminine.

This is a great tool for distance control. Every time he looks or feels the shaved area, he will be reminded of his Domina.

Sissification: Sissy maids are their own special breed of male subs. Their fetish is very detailed and specific.

Smothering: Using your body to prevent his full breathing. Be careful. Is a form of controlled body worship. The goal here is not for him to pay homage to your person by for him to feel engulfed within his Mistress’s aura and energy. Ass worship, face sitting all fall here.

Strap-ons: Anal penetration for the male is a whole separate seminar. I believe Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing when she put the male g-spot (prostate) in their asses! Taking your man as he traditionally would take you is a very empowering action, defining the control lines of the relationship.

Teasing:  Using your feminine wiles is a skill dominas should definitely employ. The male worships the feminine body and desires it. Use this to your advantage.

Trampling:  The act of stepping on your male as he lies under your feet establishes the fact that he is beneath you.

Vacuum Pumps: An excellent toy for you controlling his orgasm. Also enables you to control without touching.

Vocalization: Males are notorious for their lack of emotional communication. Require him to be open with his feelings and thoughts on what he is experiencing. Have him keep a journal on his daily submissive thoughts and acts, and then read it aloud to you. . Also, in regards to play, males tend to be quieter than females. This can be linked to our societal view on male crying. Males who flinch or cry out in pain are viewed as wimps. Therefore, when play is occurring, have him vocalize his pain. It will break him of this societal male pattern. Vocal limitations and requirements are a tool we all use in our community. There are many variations of this type of training you may employ to control him.

NOTE: This list is continually changing and growing. It will evolve as male submission does. Also, all definitions are original and copyrighted within article. And of course, they are Mistress Simone’s opinion. Variations on the above terms do occur.