Anal Sex Training

Anal guide

This anal guide is designed for sissies who are just started experimenting with anal. For those who do have a lot of experience, do read it because there is a lot of usefull information to be found.
The guide is seperated in weeks. In total this guide will take you 6 weeks to complete. After the 6 weeks you should be a anal sissy pro. If not you can always take things slow and take your time with every step.
So what will you learn in this anal guide?
– Techniques
– What to use
– Different ways
– Sweet spot
– Cleaning
– Anal with others
– Much more

There is a total of 6 different lessons you will complete. After studying your lesson you will do your homework. You have to do your homework for 7 days in a row. After the 7 days, you can move on to the next lesson. It’s very important you do not skip and stick to the 7 days training. This way your brain will get used to the motion and never forget. If you skip parts of the training your brain might just forget it.

An important first lesson is: Repeating is key. Practice as much as possible during the next 6 weeks. And after your training is finished it is super important you maintain your practice.