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Anal Training Week 5 Homework

Week 5 – Homework Now that was a long study. I hope you have taken everything in and maybe put it to use with another man in the near future. Now for your homework this week. It would be a whole lot if you can manage to have sex with a man for the first time this week. It’s understandable this isn’t possible for everyone so if you can’t it’s no problem. Next to having sex with someone you can also keep doing what you did last month. A lot of penetrating with your dildo and stretching with your buttplug afterward. You can keep doing this for the rest of the week and maybe even get a bit more creative. Use different sizes, different toys and maybe different techniques. Find your sweet spot, everyone has one and ones you find it I’m sure anal will become even better for you. You are halfway your course right now. Just keep going for a little while longer.   Write a small essay (one – four paragraphs) you may include pictures for extra credit regarding your homework and upload them as your solution.

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