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Anal Training Week 4 Homework

Week 4 – Homework Now that you know a lot more about toys it is time to move on to your homework. Of course, we didn’t go over every toy, there is still a lot more like for example the anal beats. But the main toys all did get their moment of fame. So for this week, we will get more into the buttplugs. The buttplug is a beautiful product. It comes in many different sizes and variants. And because the buttplug market is so flexible there is something for everyone (who is into anal of course). So you will have to find out for yourself what fits you best and stick to that product. Now what you will be doing for this week is a bit more intensive than in previous weeks. You will remain penetrating your ass for at least 30 minutes a day. You can do this with your fingers or choose to use a dildo. But after you are done you have to get your buttplug and penetrate your ass with the buttplug. I suggest you leave the plug inside your ass for about 2 to 3 hours every day. If you want to go longer you are more than welcome. Now there is a little disclaimer with this homework. A lot of people always say it is dangerous to leave in a buttplug for a few hours straight. But with a lot of experience, I can tell you nothing bad ever happened. But if you think it is not healthy to leave in the plug for this long then just don’t do it. Write a small essay (one – four paragraphs) you may include pictures for extra credit regarding your homework and upload them as your solution.

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