A sub slave enjoys all forms of submission and it doesn’t need to be directly kinky or sexual. Any kind of submission or service is enjoyed by a slave. Their primary purpose is to serve and please their Master/Mistress. BDSM slaves are often exclusively monogamous with their top but this isn’t always the case. Some slaves can be Dominant towards others or enjoy play that involves more people than just the slave and their Master/Mistress.

What does Slave mean?

A slave is an individual who relinquishes all of their power to a dominant partner in a BDSM total power exchange relationship. Generally, slaves are considered to be the property of their owners in the BDSM community and not people. They must be subservient to their partners, ask permission before they do anything, and be available for sexual activities whenever it is requested. In addition, slaves are often subject to punishment if they deviate from their duties.

The decision to become a slave is not one that should be taken lightly. It often involves completely giving up control of every aspect of your life including when you can use the bathroom. Some slaves may even enter into master/slave contract. While these aren’t usually legally binding, slaves or masters who break these contracts are usually frowned upon by other members of the BDSM community unless there is a good reason. Before committing to a master/slave relationship, be sure to take some time to decide if giving up complete control of your life to another is what you want. If not, you may want to consider simply role-playing as a submissive which generally does not require a total power exchange.

BDSM slaves are happiest when serving a Dominant. They tend to not have limits with their Master/Mistress. This is because their dynamic is very close. The Dominant knows his/her slaves limits and keeps to them.

There is no one category fits all in the world of slavery, you can have sissy slaves, pain slaves, service slaves, sex slaves, 247 (TPE) Slaves,