Random Task

You will need to get some anklets for this one and you will need to wear one of them everyday from now on or until Mistress tells you that you can stop. No ex- cuses.
It is time to put your slave on line, she should make a real sissy website something that Mistress would be proud to send her friends to look at her pretty little sissy slut.
Bring your high heels to work day is finally here. When ever you are sitting at your desk be sure to have your high heels on. When you drive to and from anywhere if you are alone in the car you will need to have your high heels on as well. How fun it would be if your co-worker saw you with your high heels on under your desk, what would you do then? Who knows maybe you would find a new friend who would help you with your assignments or maybe your boss will have you come into his office and make you suck your cock, bet you would get a raise for that.