Service Submission

We felt that this sub type of submission needed it’s own category, typically speaking a 24/7 Sevice submissive is actually a slave.

Service submission or domestic service is not (necessarily) sexual submission. It tends to refer to submissives who perform services for their Dominant. The most common form is domestic service — cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. But a service submissive may also do your taxes, mow your lawn, clean your pool, or fix your car. The act matters a lot less than the feeling behind it — being of service and making the Dominant’s life a little (or a lot) easier and more comfortable.

For many there is no sexual arousal from domestic service.  Any form of pleasure from service comes well after the tasks have been completed.  Meaning normally there is no direct connection between the task and any form of positive reinforcement as it is being performed.

This is also what makes Domestic service so beautiful. When a submissive is performing domestic duties they are:

  1. Doing what they can to make their Dominant’s life easier. By cooking and cleaning they know it is one less thing for a Dominant to worry about. Now their Dominant has time to focus on other things.
  2. Serving their Dominant for the sole purpose of pleasing their Dominant.

A Dominant can enjoy the service of a submissive as they cook and clean knowing that the sub is doing it solely to make them happy.  There are no underlying or self-serving motivations.  When a submissive is cleaning the living room or folding the laundry many of the common erotic fantasies tend to be lost.

Now that is not to say that one can not add in some erotic and arousing elements to a sub’s domestic service.  In fact, training while a slave is domestically serving can be lots of fun.

  1. For many domestic slaves, just having their Dominant standing over them with a flogger in hand can be highly arousing.
  2. Putting your impact toys (hand, flogger, paddle, etc) to use while a slave serves can be the extra motivation they need to make that grueling task a pleasure to perform
  3. Instructing a sub on how they should perform the tasks and in what order. Then proceed to monitor, rewarding for a job well done and punishing when a task is not performed correctly
  4. Slave uniforms, collars and leashes can help make a dull mundane task that much more exciting for the Dominant and submissive
  5. A butt plug or kegel ball worn while serving can turn a small sensation into a massive source of arousal as the sub desperately tries to keep their mind on the task at hand
  6. Try enjoying a nice cup of coffee, while you play with the controls of a remote controlled vibrator that is driving your sub wild as they desperately try to work in between uncontrollable contractions of pleasure.
  7. Are your slave’s domestic duties becoming too easy for them? Try restricting the movement of their arms and/or legs. See how easy the task is after that. Always be close by to ensure they are safe at all times, if you choose this option

Training doesn’t just have to stop in the dungeon or during play time. I hope you can also see that it can be a lot of fun and really make a sub’s day that much more exciting and fulfilling.  Domestic service is only as mundane and boring as you and your submissive choose to make it. That doesn’t mean, Domestic Service can not be a beautiful form of service all on its own.