Submissive Training Tips

Submissive Training Tips

We can feel your excitement. But before you start buying BDSM equipment or discussing this dynamic to your partner, here are some tips when you train your sub. By following these tips, you’ll give your precious sub a more effective and enjoyable training/play session.

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Consider your sub’s level of experience and personal goals.

As you start discussing everything, make sure to know if your sub is experienced or not. This will help you determine the level of training that you can give them. Aside from that, you must know your sub’s personal goals too.

For outsiders, they can’t quite grasp the idea that someone will be willing enough to lose themselves completely to someone else. But the sub has their own reasons and you must take that into consideration because these factors will determine whether you are in a compatible relationship and whether training is likely to result in a strong, positive relationship. It would also determine the training approach that is most likely to be successful. So once and for all, what fulfills subs and drives their submission?

  • Actively serving others—They genuinely want to be of service to someone. They get pleasure from doing things for others like cooking or performing oral sex.
  • Passive service—things that the subs allow to be done to them for the pleasure or benefit of others, such as getting whipped, getting “used for sex”.
  • Sub’s independence – They want to act on their own, without the direct intervention or command of the dom.
  • Selflessness –Pleasing others motivates them.

You must not only consider this before continuing the relationship. You must also give proper attention to the training you want to embark on.

Consistency is the key.

The important thing to remember in all of this is consistency. Consistent actions which let them know what is expected of them and what they can expect from you is the way to do it. If you make use of rewards and punishments correctly, they will do your command immediately even without explicit directions or reminders. You know you’ve trained your sub effectively when you don’t even have to say a single word out loud about it.

Connect with experienced doms.

When researching BDSM, it’s best to check all the available channels as much as possible. That includes online forums with people who are experienced with the dominant/dominatrix role. By connecting with them, you might learn something that’s not even mentioned in books and blog posts.

Never use drugs or alcohol during the submissive training!

Keep everything safe, sane, and consensual. It’s a common misconception among people outside the BDSM community that doms just want to enslave someone. That’s not necessarily the case as a true dominant/dominatrix cares for his sub and ensures that their needs and desires are also taken care of.

Remember that an effective dom-sub relationship takes time.

It takes months or even years to have a great dom-sub relationship. When you train your sub, don’t force the dynamic just yet. It’s normal to have frustrations and difficulties during the training. But then again, let things flow through. Train your submissive gently and humanely as possible. It’s also best to train your sub with positive and encouraging methods.