Types of Female Dominants

Types of Female Dominants


  1. Tops

A person who takes control during a scene. What makes a top different from the typical dominant?  A top may be in charge for a scene, while a dominant is someone who will take control outside of a scene as well.


  1. Femdoms

Let’s quickly break the stereotype that Femdoms or Dommes have to be ‘hard,’ in order to be in control.  It’s an absolute myth and one that often pressures women into pushing those who bottom to them too hard and can lead to serious injury.


  1. Findoms

A dominant who asks their submissives to send them tributes in money or (usually) expensive gifts as part of their submission.  They also control other financial aspects of their subs’ lives.


  1. Mistresses

Refers to a dominant who has either mastered a craft or technique of BDSM, or has an active slave under their control


  1. Ladies

Dominants who behave in chivalrous, and honorable ways towards their submissives and often any who surround them.  They showcase respect and good manners in all things


  1. Mommies

Dominants who choose to take on the role of a Mommy, to a little submissive, or one who practices infantilism.  They typically focus on guiding, and caring for their submissives as a parent would.


  1. Owners

Tops that view and treat their bottoms as property that they own This includes pets, slaves, furniture and those who wish to be only objects.


  1. Sadists

Technically those who gain sexual pleasure from causing pain to others.  This can be physical or mental. Laughing Sadists are those who will be very Joker-esque in their play, often laughing or cackling as they perform impact play or hurt their consenting submissive in some other way. Sensual Sadists will couple pain with sensuality and pleasure.


  1. Mentor/Trainers

People who guide and teach others in one form or another in aspects of the lifestyle, formally.


  1. Controlled Dominants

A dominant who is being controlled by another dominant or mentor, as an agreement in a scene to follow certain rules, or learn a new technique.  This is different from a junior top as it pertains only to a particular scene or lesson.  A controlled dominant may also be one who is following the rules laid down by a protector for a particular scene.


  1. Junior Tops

Refers to a top or dominant who is learning under the supervised care and guidance of a mentoring dominant.  If you are here to learn to be a dominant this would be the category you currently fall in most likely.


  1. Protectors

Someone who watches over the safety and well being of a submissive during scenes or at events. They can be a Domme outside of these events but sometimes they merely serve for these scenes only.


  1. Riggers

Riggers set up various rope bondage and suspension devices. They may only do this, or they may participate further in the lifestyle.


  1. Service Tops

Is a top who focuses on giving service or pleasure to the bottom in their care


  1. Caring Dominants

Those who focus on taking care of their submissives, not in the sense of servicing them, but in the sense of caring for them physically, mentally, and emotionally.


  1. Role Players (RPs)

Those who take on various roles for a scene, and take control through those avenues.Examples of these might be boss, cop, or teacher role plays.


  1. Performers

These are those who put on shows, jump into the often stereotypical role of a dominant, or just perform demonstrations using their submissives.

9 Things Submissive Men Want Their Dominant Partner to Do in Bed

This list is from a submissive male who is not in a BDSM relationship, but secretly seeks to be.

1. Using words like “pervert”

“It gives me goosebumps when a girl says offensive things to me or calls me out in offensive ways.” Rough, dirty talk hits the spot for submissive men. During your session, keep talking down to him, rudely, and this should get him even more excited.

2. Making him get into a humiliating position, like going on all fours

“It’s even better when she gives out orders aggressively.” It’s a turn-on for some men during foreplay to have their penis fondled while in humiliating positions. If you make him face up like an upside-down frog, that might be as humiliating as well.

3. Licking his anus during a blow job

“It makes me feel so vulnerable when she goes all the way down there that I can almost cum.” Some men get extremely turned on by having their anus licked. Add to this some dirty talk and humiliating positions, and you will rock his world.

4. Going rough in the cowgirl position

“I love cowgirl position. I can really feel like she’s dominating me.” Cowgirl position is popular among submissive men, as the woman will be the one thrusting and controlling the tempo. Along with this, talk to him in a more dominant way to excite him even more.

5. Teasing him right when he’s getting close to reaching climax

“Teasing is just awesome.” You will totally turn the switch on for submissive men if you tease him and delay his climax. Even during foreplay, if you see him starting to feel good, stop licking and change up the sucking and licking force and this will make it spicy for him.