Submissive Services


I will set you sissy tasks, personally devised by me, Mistress Victoria. Your tasks will be uniquely prepared for you. to help you become the sissy girl you should be.

My cost is just US$25 per month

You will let me know your specific needs and I will then send you tailored tasks, advice and suggestions, depending on your personal needs, 3 times a week for four weeks. Once you renew your subscription, the tasks will re-commence.

My submissive services are provided via email.

I will expect proof of completion of tasks via photo evidence.

My services are open to submissive men wanting their partners to dominate and feminise them and to prospective women leaders who want to push their husbands into an FLR and to realise the benefits of male feminisation.

Payment can be via Amazon eCards or by transfer to my PayPal or Stripe accounts.

Financial Domination


I will give you tasks and instructions, which include feminisation and humiliation. You will consensually provide me with your personal information and you will send me tributes, gifts. And your money.

My financial domination email sessions are unique and tailored to each submissive. I, Mistress Alexa Martinez, will personally be your financial dominatrix.

You will need to complete a financial domination agreement which includes sending me your full name and address, full face photo, driving licence/passport scans, email address and your personal phone number.

I will then send you a photo of me reading your personal information. You won’t get to see my face, just my body, hands and legs. This is a one way arrangement.

I will send you at least 3 instructions per week that you must carry out and demonstrate that you have completed using photographic evidence sent by email. Your tasks are likely to include:

  • feminisation tasks, such as body shaving and wearing female clothing.
  • feminisation tasks, such as female hair styling, thinned out eyebrows and longer shaped nails and nail varnish.
  • tasks demonstrating your submissiveness.
  • wear a cock cage to work.

I will require further personal information as the agreement progresses.

There will be penalties for non-compliance of tasks which include you sending me fines, temporary suspension of the agreement (I still keep your money) and other penalties.

To subscribe to my financial domination, you will need to send me US$60 for my admin/set up costs at the same time as the completed Findom Agreement.

Download the FinDom_Agreement and send to me filled out correctly with all required attachments to