Sissy Slaves

There are several types of sissies, I will try to cover the most prominent types.

The Bedroom Sissy

The Subservient Sissy

The Humiliated Sissy

The Helpless Sissy

The Charm School Sissy

The Sissy Maid

The Sissy Slut


Service Slaves

Service submission is not (necessarily) sexual submission. It tends to refer to submissives who perform services for their Dominant. The most common form is domestic service — cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. But a service submissive may also do your taxes, mow your lawn, clean your pool, or fix your car. The act matters a lot less than the feeling behind it — being of service and making the Dominant’s life a little (or a lot) easier and more comfortable.

Brats & Smart-Assed Masochist (SAM)

A brat is a submissive who purposefully misbehaves or acts out in ways against their Dominant’s wishes. This can be for attention, to test limits, or provoke punishment. This may be because they enjoy the humiliation aspect of being punished, or for purely masochistic reasons.

I don’t think all SAMs are masochists, but they’re kind of the brat of the bunch. They’re definitely trying to provoke their Dominant. As an accidental SAM, I can tell you it’s not always on purpose. I have SAM tendencies but don’t embrace the label because it’s not intentional when I do it. Some SAMs are driven by the punishment, others by the pain. When I’m in SAM mode, John Brownstone knows the worst (and also best) punishment for me is something that doesn’t cause physical pain. (And that’s why he’s the sadist.) I would say that the label of “brat” might be a SAM or it may be the person who wants their submission forced, or a combination of the two.


A little is an adult who adopts a role somewhat similar to a pet in that they look to their Dom for protection and care, however rather than assuming a role related to an animal, it tends to revolve around human age play. This type of power dynamic can often be nonsexual, but can involve a lot of dressing up and ‘childish’ activities, as well as being spoiled and punished by their Mommy/Daddy.

In the little category, you’ll find a huge range of types: babygirls/gurls, babyboys/bois, age players, middles, etc. However it manifests, one trait remains fairly constant: we tend to have younger than our natural age behaviors, traits, and/or mindset. Their Dominant is a Caregiver, even if they don’t take a Mommy or Daddy title. A little wants or needs to be nurtured, taken care of, and, sometimes, be completely free of responsibility for a period of time.


Pet play―commonly pony, puppy or kitty play― can involve costumes and accessories like tails, cages, collars or leashes, but also can vary in terms of what the sub “gets out” of it. Some may enjoy the aspect of dehumanization and exhibitionism, while others may enjoy letting ‘loose’ and relaxing while their ‘Owner’ strokes or pets them. It is not related to bestiality whatsoever.


A slave is a form of submission in which the submissive gives over their own will entirely to their Master. It’s a more encompassing, more entire form of submission, in which the sub doesn’t set their own limits, their boundaries are set for them by their master or mistress. They act as though ‘owned’ by their master and may or may not be masochists, but collars are quite common in this M/s play.
Like any other form of submission, there’s a spectrum in being a slave. Some want to be and are extremely micromanaged. Details like when to eat, what to eat, when to use the bathroom, and when to speak are decided by their Master. Other slaves have fewer of the outward acts but may have a slave heart. I would imagine most if not all slaves have a slave heart, and I’ll let them define that for themselves. Slaves tend to give up even more control to their Dominant partner than other types of submissives do.


Sissification, or feminization, is a broader category that involves a (consenting) male partner to be “forced” into a “female” role, often with costumes like school girls or maids, and perform tasks that can be sexual or non-sexual but fulfill the traditional (and often outdated) role of a woman. The goal can be to humiliate the partner by making them a parody of a woman, or involve making them as act out a role as a beautiful femme.

Sissy Types:

  • Sissy Slut
  • Sissy Whore
  • Cuckold Sissy
  • Sissy Maid
  • Sissy Slave


Sex Slave

A lot of submissives fall into this category. When it’s time to get naked, I’m the bottom, you’re the top, and I need you (John Brownstone) to lead. Sexual submission might be taking orders and being of use. But it could also be more primal with some amount of resistance and making your Dominant work for your submission. And, as always, it could be somewhere in between the two.