A little is an adult who adopts a role somewhat similar to a pet in that they look to their Dom for protection and care, however rather than assuming a role related to an animal, it tends to revolve around human age play. This type of power dynamic can often be nonsexual, but can involve a lot of dressing up and ‘childish’ activities, as well as being spoiled and punished by their Mommy/Daddy.

In the little category, you’ll find a huge range of types: babygirls/gurls, babyboys/bois, age players, middles, etc. However it manifests, one trait remains fairly constant: we tend to have younger than our natural age behaviors, traits, and/or mindset. Their Dominant is a Caregiver, even if they don’t take a Mommy or Daddy title. A little wants or needs to be nurtured, taken care of, and, sometimes, be completely free of responsibility for a period of time.