Conditioning Techniques for Submissive Training

Once you and your sub had the initial discussion, it’s time to move on to the actual training. For starters, you must learn the conditioning techniques. The primary goal in conditioning our subs is to present them with a “stimulus” and have them react the way we prefer. Here are some conditioning techniques that you can use during the submissive training.

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Classical Conditioning

If you’ve heard of Pavlov, then maybe “Classical Conditioning” will ring a bell to you (did you see what I did there?). The simplest way to understand the concept is through Pavlov’s dog. Every time he would feed the dog, he would ring a bell to signal that food is to be given. He did this repeatedly until eventually, even when there is no food, just the ring of the bell would make the dog salivate.

Training a sub is essentially like that. I’m not saying that you need to train your sub to be a dog. What we want is for your sub to react consistently to you. When you issue a command or suggestion, it should be good as done.

A simple translation of this concept to the kink is when you use a particular sex toy. For example, a dildo. If you use it frequently enough, it could elicit a desired sexual arousal response. Or even just a simple command. For example, you say “Spread your legs, slave.” Done correctly, just saying these words could trigger your slave to be wet and execute the command instantly. The command is the stimulus.’

Operant Conditioning

If you’re going to use operant conditioning to train your sub, you’ll be giving punishment and rewards to your submissive during training. This technique is a way for you to encourage and maintain desired behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors.

Now, should your sub follow your instructions and did not budge on following them, you’ll give them positive reinforcement (cuddle, kiss, compliment, massage, giving them their fave snack, etc). On the other hand, if your sub stopped following your rules, you then give negative reinforcement (spanking, whipping, sexual deprivation, nipple play, electro play, etc). This will condition them to continue following your orders and decrease unfavorable actions.


For this technique, you’ll be ignoring unwanted behaviors. Some subs tend to ask for attention through unfavorable actions. Now, if you’re going to not care at all, they will most likely stop since they won’t be getting the attention that they seek, and may start following your orders instead.


Another conditioning technique to train your sub is by showing a step-by-step on how to do things properly. If your submissive learns better through physical and verbal cues, the training will be so much easier for both of you.

Differential Reinforcement

As for this conditioning technique, you’ll be giving positive reinforcement for a decrease in unwanted behavior. This method emphasizes your submissive’s progress. It allows for a lot of encouragement and is perfect if the submissive training requires your sub to reach a certain goal.

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