Kinds of Submissive Training

As you’ve learned the different conditioning techniques to train your sub with, let’s move on the different kinds of submissive training. This includes various ways on how to train your submissive, depending on each other’s goals, needs, desires, and limits. Now, you don’t have to limit yourself on one kind—mixing and matching your training methods is up to you and your sub.

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Play Training

Play training is a fantasy roleplay exercise. The real goal is to have a hot fun time. You’re not expected to learn anything. This doesn’t mean it’s not important. Having fun is important in power exchange. Just make sure that both of you are on the same page. For example, if you’re training your sub to be a maid then make it clear that you want them to repeat the training every week or whatever you want them to do.

Preference Training

This one pertains to the training that the dom prefers like the specific etiquette, protocol, or rituals that he likes. For example, a sub might have been trained to wait for permission before eating but their new dom finds it annoying. So your sub must adapt to the preference of the new dom.

Furthermore, the truth is, as doms, we enjoy preference training and we don’t like it if someone else has done the training for us. For example, it’s nice that the sub has already been trained to bring us coffee every morning. But it is better to have a sub that we ourselves have trained to bring coffee in bed every morning and who did everything exactly according to our preferences. If the sub has already been trained to do what you like, it deprives us of the pleasure of conducting the training ourselves and making it more personalized to suit us.

Skill Training

Skill training is acquiring skills that are useful for the dom like cooking or massage. This is connected when establishing forms of service—in order to have your sub provide an excellent service, you need to ensure that they know what they’re doing.

For example, you want to train your sub to become your personal chef, you then need to train them on how to cook your favorite meals. If you want your sub to provide sexual services, you need to teach them different sex positions, blowjob techniques, roleplaying, etc.

Insight Training

This is the kind of training that can help someone become fundamentally better at submission.

Subs are called upon to clearly communicate their boundaries and darkest desires. To remain respectful and obey even when the temptation to do otherwise is great. To be transparent about their most vulnerable feelings and reactions. These things are hard to do. These take self-awareness, discipline, sensitivity, and a strong grasp of intimate communication.

So, the core of submission isn’t about memorizing the rituals or positions. It’s about knowing yourself, managing your emotions, and communicating clearly and compassionately–and those skills can be trained.