Tease Yourself

  • The Rules

    • You must do everything you’re told.
    • Whenever you’re watching a video or listening to hypnosis, you must have a hand on your clit.
    • If you’re in chastity then use a vibrator on a low setting and keep it in contact with your cage when you watch a video.
    • After every 10 minutes, you’re allowed a 30 second break where you can pause the video and remove your hand/vibrator. If you don’t take it straight away, it’s gone.
    • You will edge at least once every day at or near the end of your assignment. If the days stimulation isn’t enough to get you close, you can switch to rubbing or a vibe for the last 5 minutes.
    • You can ride the edge if you want to but when you edge, remember that the rules still apply, you can’t just stop whatever you’re doing and take a break, you need to finish what you’re watching.
    • Once you’ve finished your assigned work, you’re free to watch anything else you want to but if you do, you need to continue with that day’s stimulation method and follow the rules.

    Keep in mind that this is a challenge and you will have more fun with it if you push yourself!