Obedient Slave Positions

Part 4 Obedient Slave Positions

Service comes in many forms in your BDSM practices. Some services might be action oriented while others are based on commands or bondage techniques. However, many Dominants prefer to have certain positions for their slaves that will show their obedience as well as their diligence in providing exactly what their Master or Mistress requires of them. These are several basic positions that you may want to incorporate:

Instructional Position

This position brings the submissive or slave to the attention of their Dominant.

While in this position the slave/submissive will learn that all their attention will have to remain focused on their Dominant (not that is normally isn’t).

This is the position that many Dominants will provide instructions upon which the submissive/slave will have to serve. Hence the need to listen.

The slave should kneel in front of their master with their feet together and legs spread apart (as widely as able).

Where the hands are placed depends on Dominant preference and the sub’s abilities.

Hand Options:

  1. The slave can either place hands with palms flat against their back with their elbows flared out, as slave erika demonstrates on the left. This position forces the chest out and for the shoulders to naturally come back and down.
  2. Hands can grasp the opposite elbow or as far up the their forearms as they can reach, as demonstrated by slave julie on the right. The submissive will have to work on their position to push their chest out and bring their shoulders back and down.
  3. The hands can also be clasped behind the head with the elbows flared out.

The slave should keep their chin up and have their eyes down. They don’t need to look at you to be able to hear you.

Request Position

Command= “Request” or “Beg”

The submissive will really feel the power of this position as they are made to display themselves before their Dominant.

This position can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. A slave can be made to beg for what it is they truly desire before the Dominant can decide if they deserve it.
  2. To ask for forgiveness of their Dominant for a mistake or bad behavior.
  3. It is the proper and polite way for a submissive to make a request of their Dominant. They request more attention from their Dominant in a certain area (ie more spankings), the use of a certain toy (ie their favorite flogger to be used in play) or to ask for permission (ie be allowed to orgasm or be allowed to pleasure their Dominant orally).

Have the slave get on all fours with their hands stretched out in front of them and their head resting close to the floor. Feet together and knees apart with the buttocks resting on the submissives calves, if possible. The slave’s face should be completely focused on the floor.

Make the sub beg for the sweet touch of their Dominant’s hand .

Inspection Position

Command= “Inspect” or “Present”

This provides the Dominant a perfectly displayed canvas to examine with great detail.

Standing tall with legs apart, allowing full view and access to the submissive’s most intimate of regions. Hands clasped behind the sub’s head or behind the back forcing the chest out for easier manhandling. Slightly leaning backwards, the slave will keep their chin up and eyes down.

While open and exposed the Dominant can take their time inspecting their slave from head to toe.

  1. Ensuring all grooming standards are being met.
  2. Allowing access to the sub’s body for fondling and application of devious devices if so desired. (ie. nipple clips/clamps, vibrators, etc)
  3. A wonderful stance for impact play as it maximizes the surface area possible play
  4. Making sure the slave’s body is ready for play

To make this position more difficult, you can have the slave stand on their toes and try to balance as the Dominant continues their inspection. An movement that interferes with the Dominants inspection can lead to quick correction at the Dominant’s discretion.

Tips For the slave:

Practice each of these positions until you can hold them for at least five minutes. This will help your body to start to build the muscle memory it needs to do them automatically when commanded by your Master or Mistress.

You will want to practice them each day in order to keep them strong for your servitude.

Also practice moving from one position to the next, as quickly and smoothly as you can. That way when your Dom/me calls out the position you won’t be awkwardly trying to get into each position. That can be a very displeasing site for your Dom/me