Male Chastity Training

6 Weeks from Chastity Device Beginner to 24/7 Chastity Slave

With the male chastity training program outlined here, you could be locked into 24 7 male chastity in less than two months; hell yes. In less time than it takes you to receive your latest order from Wish, you could already be locked into a chastity device and undergoing femdom chastity training.

So let’s explore who can experience the life of a 24 7 chastity slave, the risks that using a chastity device for men can have, whether you can truly have an “inescapable chastity device” or not, where to keep your emergency key, what supplies you’ll need, how to get a chastity training program support system, and of course, the chastity cage training program itself.

Let’s get to it!

24/7 Chastity for Penis Owners

24/7 lockable device chastity isn’t possible for almost all vagina-owning humans. You can certainly do orgasm denial, chastity, and orgasm control with someone who has a vagina, but due to the vagina’s unique design (and proximity to the anus), female chastity devices that can be worn 24/7 aren’t a reality. Some people will claim they live this way (how easy it is to claim things on the internet), and some people are genuinely into the idea of living that way (in which case, kudos! I recommend finding some practical ways to include your chastity device fantasies without necessarily wearing a strict chastity device 24/7). Between chafing issues, moisture issues, possible menstruation issues, needing to defecate, infection issues, and hygiene issues, wearing an unlockable device 24/7 as a vagina-owner just isn’t happening.

For that reason, this post focuses on devices designed for penis-owning chastity. As the penis is much-less-sensitive to moisture, is much-less suspeptible to UTIs and other infections, and any device is much more “contained” to a small area, it’s more realistic for a penis-owner to get into 24/7 chastity (and some people do!). That being said, even “24/7 chastity for guys” still requires periodic unlocking for cleanliness.

(Further Note: To ensure this article shows up in web searches for people looking for this information, I have used “men” as a descriptor of chastity device wearers throughout this article. Why the web has to force me to use gendered language in order to be discovered, I don’t know, but it is what it is. This article is entirely applicable to anyone who has a penis and wants to engage in chastity cage training – or anyone who has a vagina and wants to enjoy a denial schedule as well. For those with a vagina, you may not want to go past week two or three depending on how your body tolerates the large time periods in the chastity device.)

Know The Risks of Chastity Device Use

For all intents and purposes of this post, “chastity” will include the use of a chastity device. It’s VERY MUCH worth mentioning that chastity and orgasm denial does not require use of a chastity device, and in fact, there are some health concerns that come with constricting blood flow to the penis. You should look into the potential risks – especially if you have blood flow issues or tissue issues. Like any kink activity, there are risks to using a chastity device, and I can’t say I’ve ever talked to a urologist who would actively recommend one. Like always, “Risk Aware Kink”. Anything involved in this post can easily be done on the honor system alone – and I’d argue it can be a bit more of an “achievement” since you’re depending on willpower alone.

Most Devices are Escapable – Somehow

Almost every chastity device in the universe is escapable – somehow. You can steal the key, use bolt cutters, wiggle out of it, just plain break the damn thing, and a bunch of other options. Even the antipullout chastity cages can be destroyed or removed. Essentially, you can cheat however you want and whenever you want if you’re wiling to destroy items.

With that in mind, YOU need to be dedicated to doing this. YOU need to have the self-control to do this. For some odd reason, in the male chastity device realm, there’s this expectation that the device absolves you of all need for “self control”. That couldn’t be further than the truth.

Keep Your Chastity Key Accessible – Seriously!

In fact, during this entire training program, you need to have a key well-within reach – even on your person at all-times during the first couple of weeks. This allows you to unlock in case of emergency – and I consider “emergencies” to be anything that would cause damage to your body in addition to the usual emergencies. So if the cage is starting to rub your balls (literally) raw to the point of bleeding, being able to unlock your male chastity device is vital. You always need to have the spare key within easy access at all times.

“Easy access” can vary from person-to-person. Some people keep their chastity cage on their keychains with other house keys. If you work from home, some people have a special sealed envelope in their house where the key is accessible. Some people are fond of freezing their key in an ice cube in the freezer, but I don’t recommend that for beginners to chastity training. It can work for when you’ve had more chastity cage training experience, but I’ve heard horror stories of people trying to warm up their “ice cube key” in the sink – and letting the key slip down the kitchen drain.

And don’t forget about trips and vacations. If you won’t be back to your key’s location for the majority of the day, you need to take it with you!

If you’re undertaking your sissy chastity training with a partner who’s in control of your device, this doesn’t excuse your emergency key. All chastity devices come with two keys – and if you’ve misplaced your male chastity device key, it’s time to get a new lock and key – or request a new one from the manufacturer if you have a built-in key device like a Holy Trainer chastity device. Two keys is always better than one (you do remember that we’re locking up your penis, right?), and if you’re playing with someone who will automatically take a key off the bat, you need to have access to the second key for emergencies.

(If your dominant partner refuses to allow you access to an emergency key, this is a large red flag. Attempt to educate them and explain why this is necessary. If they still don’t agree, please be aware that this isn’t safe behavior at all – and reconsider your playing plans.)

Chastity veterans who have been doing this for years – and wearing their device for years (I’ve met some who are going over a full year without an unlock) – always have their key on them. It’s a serious safety issue that’s more important than playing a sexual game – which is all chastity is at its core. A 24 7 chastity slave knows this is all about self-control. The chastity cage can be a great reminder of your status and help with that self-control – but in the end, there’s always a way to escape if your brain isn’t willing to do the work to control yourself.

Why Don’t I Just Start with 24 7 Chastity?

Well, mostly because that’s stupid.

No, really. It is. Normally I’ll sugarcoat things a bit but not in this case. Attempting to start with 24 7 chastity your first time picking up a cage is ripe for rashes, cuts, scrapes, other penis damage – and just feeling constantly frustrated. You don’t start following an 8-hour training day like an Olympic athlete if you’re just hoping to get good at basketball. It’s the same with a chastity device.

Attempting to hop into the deep end without any lead-in means you don’t know how the device feels, what’s a “normal” uncomfortable and what’s indicative of a problem, how to fix minor issues when they come up without entirely removing the device, if your device even fits properly, how to sleep in your male chastity device, or anything else. Essentially, you don’t know how to deal with any of the ‘problematic’ issues that arise with chastity training – and you’re just setting yourself up for failure. And nobody likes failure when they set out for a goal.

So taking things more slowly – giving yourself time to learn the device and how to adjust – and generally have a male chastity training plan can really change your entire 24 7 male chastity experience.

Recommended Chastity Cage Training Supplies

Honestly, you don’t need a whole lot of supplies for chastity training. Really, you just need your body – even the male chastity device isn’t necessary if all you want to do is play with the idea of orgasm denial. I do recommend this as a bare minimum for functioning:

Really Recommended

  • Chastity cage (if you’re using a device)
  • Silicone lubricant

Nice to Have

  • Handheld shower head for easier cleaning
  • Ribbon to tie around the body to support the cage
  • Supportive, “tighter” underwear instead of boxers to alleviate the weight of the device
  • Chastity accountability

Chastity Accountability? What?

Essentially, trying to go into 24 7 chastity training is something that’s going to be (honestly) tough at times. If you’re serious about wanting to train yourself into 24/7, the start-up is going to be difficult and trying – especially when all you want to do is masturbate or the cage is just plain annoying that day.

At some point, wearing your 24 7 male chastity cage will just sorta fade into the background as a status and symbol of your life, but until you hit that point, the cravings and new experiences can be confusing and intense. That’s why I recommend having someone to help keep you accountable to your chastity training plan – or at least to be around when you want to talk to it.

Luckily, in the age of the internet, this can be really, really simple – especially with how many people absolutely love chastity training. Communities like THE CAGE have groups full of kinky people who are there for support – and allow you to make friends and find someone to keep you accountable to your chastity training plan. They even have entire topics based around male chastity devices.

Your Chastity Training Plan

So, let’s get to it. I said that I’d help get you to 24/7 orgasm denial and chastity device wearing in 6 weeks, so let’s get on with it:

The days are non-negotiable if you’re serious about becoming a 24 7 chastity slave. Guess what? If you’re 24/7, you deal with this stuff every day. You need to fit these times into your day – every day – and stay on schedule. Your chastity device won’t care if you have to food prep all day – or if you had to work late. That’s part of the inconvenience of being a 24 7 chastity slave.

If you’re using this training plan for chastity just for fun, feel free to fit the days into your schedule as you see fit. Even if you aren’t 24/7 chastity training, the information here is a really great chastity training plan for when you’re new to chastity.

Day 1

Let’s assume you just got your chastity device. If that’s the case, today’s the day I want you to try it on and figure out how it works.

Step one is running your fingers inside the tube and cage itself. Does anything feel sharp? If so, you’ll need to push back your chastity cage training until you’ve sanded your cage or purchased a new one. Low-quality and cheap chastity cages can regularly be “unfinished” – and if it feels sharp on your finger, guess how its going to feel on a cock?

Step two is understanding how your chastity cage works. Before you can begin femdom chastity training, you need to understand how the cage operates – and how to put it onto your body. This isn’t your dominant’s job; it’s yours. You should be able to present your dominant with all the information they need to use your cage.

Day 2

Yesterday, we did some of the prep work in our chastity cage training. Today we’re going to actually wear the chastity device for men for actual denial purposes.

That’s it. Today, you’re expected to wear your male chastity device for one hour. After one hour, remove it. Don’t go over one hour; remember, we’re taking this gradually, so disregarding the entire sissy chastity training plan on Day 2 and attempting to go 24/7 chastity really defeats the point.

Day 3

Today, you’re going to wear your chastity device for another hour.

While wearing the chastity device for men today, I want you to make an effort to be active for the majority of the hour. Walk around your house. Try mimicking some of the movements you make at work. Pretend you’re engaging in some of your preferred workout methods. Do more walking around the house – bend over.

Essentially, I want you to attempt to put the device “through the wringer” and figure out if your device has a good fit or not. I want you to see where its pressure points are – and whether you’ll need to be adjusting the way you do things in the future now that your cock is encased in a cage.

After you remove the cage today after your femdom chastity training, inspect your penis for any signs of redness, sores, chafing, or anything else. You’ll want to see where those pressure points are, determine if it’s a fit of the device, and keep a close eye on those spots in the coming days.

Day 4

Today’s male chastity training plan goal is two hours.

With a two hour time spurt, you’re likely going to have to urinate while wearing your chastity device for men. For almost all penis owners, this is going to involve sitting down on the toilet and tucking the device between your legs. Learn what you need to do to position the penis for least mess – and how much and how you need to use toilet paper to clean up the dribbles.

Day 5

Today’s goal is another day of two-hour chastity device wearing. We’re taking it slow with your chastity cage training – but that’s the point. Why not draw it out with daily chastity tasks and make it a fun male chastity training plan instead of just jumping in?

Today, we’re going to try on your work clothes and see how they fit with your chastity device. You do know that 24 7 chastity slave training includes going to work in your chastity device, right? This means making sure that your workplace clothing is going to hide your device properly. Jeans and thicker fabrics do particularly well, but that’s not an option for everyone at work.

If your device is looking a bit obvious, consider switching up some underwear and seeing how that looks.

If nothing is looking appropriate, you may need to switch chastity device types (metal is heavier and shows up more than a lot of silicones, for instance), consider some new clothing or underwear for your work uniform, or consider whether being a 24 7 chastity slave is a functional choice for you with your current job and work attire.

Day 6

Today, we’re going to stay in the device for another two hours.

You’re going to take a shower in your chastity device today. One of the biggest changes about having your cock on lockdown 24/7 is that it will change how you’ve been showering and cleaning yourself. A hand-held showerhead makes this process so much easier, but you can accomplish it by leaving a cheap plastic cup in the shower for dumping water exactly where you need it. Try to get soap into the device as best as possible and rinse as best as possible. Some cages will allow you to get your fingers into the device for cleaning as well – while others won’t.

After your chastity device training is done today, I also want you to clean out the cage itself. Most cages will clean up really easily with a mild soap and water, but it’s important to start making this part of your routine.

Every day, you should be doing this cleaning routine in the shower as a 24 7 chastity slave. When you’re wearing 24/7, you’ll remove the device once or twice a week for a thorough cleaning, but this shower cleansing is what helps keep your dick looking and smelling like something someone would want to unlock in the first place.

Day 7

Today’s our first three-hour day.

At this point, you might find that some of those pressure points are getting uncomfortable or painful – and you need to use that emergency key to get out of the device. This is the point where you’ll likely need to fix the problem. You clearly can’t become a 24 7 chastity slave if your device is hurting you so much that three hours are a problem.

For a lot of people, that might mean experimenting with a new base/ball ring size and seeing if that helps. For others, that might mean getting an entirely new male chastity device cage to see if that helps.

One of the absolute-most-common mistakes I see from someone buying a chastity device for men for chastity training is buying the wrong size – mostly in the penis tube area. Essentially, if the penis tube allows for any growth of the penis, it’s likely the wrong size – so almost every penis-owner buys the tube much too long for their length. You should really have to be “stuffing” that penis into the tube for a really snug fit when it’s properly fitting.

When your cage has an improper fit due to a too-long penis tube, it interacts with the whole device. Essentially, every time you start getting aroused and the penis starts to get hard, it has the space to get longer. When the penis gets longer, it fills up the tube. When it fills up the tube, it pulls on the rings at the base – which can really “choke” the testicles in a very painful manner.

Anyway, if you’re finding that your device has pain points, it’s time to fix them and continue – or get a new device and start back on day 1. Nothing wrong with starting over; it’s all about the fun of a male chastity training program. If your goal is 24 7 male chastity, it isn’t like you can add “more” to 24/7, so you might as well enjoy the training process now.

Day 8

Today’s task includes 4 hours of chastity device wearing.

If you’ve shrugged off those pain points from yesterday as temporary, now is the time to check back in. Is it still bothering you? Is it making the skin worse? If it just seems to be a slight annoyance, you need to figure out if there’s something you can do to help “alleviate” it.

Silicone lube tends to be a great helper for a lot of people. Lightly lubing the base of the cage (where the ring sits) can help the ring glide around and cause less discomfort during wear. Silicone lube is long-lasting, so a lot of people undergoing male chastity training find that they only need to apply once in the morning and once at night.

If your skin has sores, scratches, open cuts, or rashes, though, you might want to consider removing the device and letting your skin heal – and trying to determine if it’s something that’s preventable or (like we talked about yesterday), something to do with the entire fit of your device.

Day 9

Today’s task is zero hours. Don’t even put on your chastity training device. While this would be non-existent during 24 7 male chastity training, we’re including a day off during your male chastity training program because your skin and body isn’t used to constantly being constrained. You are not allowed to touch yourself or anything like that, but today is your day off from wearing your cage. I suggest you don’t get used to it.

Day 10

Today’s chastity task is a five hour day.

At this point, depending on your job, “five hours” might mean that you need to start wearing your chastity cage at work. Most of us get about four hours of free time after work, but five might start to blur into work lines for those of us with standard 8 or 9-hour workdays.

I really recommend having a discreet “bag” for work in case of chastity device problems at work. You can make this a locking bag – or even just a regular, opaque, zip-up bag. This bag should contain your chastity key (probably attached to a large keychain to make it harder to lose) in addition to a small bottle of silicone lube. (For discretion, if you ensure the bottle is leak-proof, you can transfer your favorite silicone lubricant into an unmarked squirt bottle with a cap.) This way, you have the key if it’s an emergency, a bag to storage the cage if it must be removed, and lube to lube up the cage or your skin if it’s something that can be solved with lube.

Day 11

Another five hour day. If you’ve managed to avoid wearing your chastity cage to work during our femdom chastity training, today you are required to wear it to work if your plan is 24 7 male chastity – even if you could fit the hours elsewhere.

Day 12

Another five hour day – and another requirement to wear it to work if you’re going for 24 7.

Day 13

Today is a six hour day.

Over the next “weekend”, you have available in your life, I want you to take your required hours for those days and wear the device overnight. Sleep is a tough point for a lot of people in chastity. Nocturnal erections can be a serious bitch – and tug on the cage in really uncomfortable, and sleep-awakening, manners. Essentially, until your body gets used to this, you’re going to have some uncomfortable, interrupted sleep nights. That’s why we’re choosing a “choose your own non-work day” schedule for starting your sleep chastity cage training.

Most 24 7 male chastity device wearers report that the interruption goes down dramatically as the body gets used to sleep in the cage – but that still will be a bit of an adjustment as you get used to it.

You have until day 21 to have slept in the device twice.

Day 14

Seven hours today.

If you want to use that ribbon I recommended from earlier, here’s a fun trick for you. A lot of male chastity device owners find that the “weight” of their chastity device can tug on the balls a bit – and just be uncomfortable. Some people like to alleviate that from a homemade chastity belt harness.

Tie one end of your ribbon or string around the base ring of your chastity device for men on the left side of the penis. Wrap the string/ribbon around the backside of your body (as if you were measuring the size of your hips) to the front side again. Pull the chastity device really snug against your body and tie this remaining end of the ribbon/string on the base ring on the right side of the penis.

This makeshift “harness” essentially relieves a lot of the weight of the device by using your body as to support most of the device’s weight – and to keep it snug against the body.

As ribbon/string is very cheap and can be pretty cute (a little pink ribbon looks adorable), this can be a way to alleviate some of the tugging of the weight of the device really, really cheap.

Day 15

Another seven hour day for your male chastity training program today. If you work today, those hours are required to be completed at work.

Day 16

Eight hours today. You’ve finally been caged during the day as long as an average person would have to work during that same day. (Lots of lovely, ripe humiliation opportunities in that thought.)

Day 17

Eight hours today too.

Day 18

Nine hours.

Day 19

Nine hours.

If sleep didn’t go well for you during your trial days within the last week, you might want to try it again at this point. It really is something that your body has to “get used to” – and that takes time.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s nothing wrong with being a 24 7 chastity slave who takes off the chastity device to sleep – and puts it on first thing every morning as well. You could even make a cute D/s ritual for it. It’s really up to you and what you and your partner want to do – but if you’re set on sleeping in your chastity device for men, you’re going to have to keep practicing to get used to wearing a chastity device to sleep.

Day 20

We’re going for a ten hour day! The most hours so far!

Today, I’d like you to check in with your support person/group as well; let them know how chastity is making you feel. If you have questions, if you’re with a chastity board, go ahead and ask your question. Crowdsourcing opinions about chastity-related questions is always a good thing; chastity is so unique for every different body that getting lots of opinions will give you lots of different things to try!

Day 21

11 hours today!

At this point, I imagine a lot of the days of chastity wearing are starting to blur together a little bit. Once you start to get the hang of chastity training and wearing a male chastity device, you might find very little difference between three hours and eight hours – and that’s a good thing! The “hardest” parts of your chastity training and acclimation are over! Now it’s just a matter of setting a chastity schedule and sticking to it until you slowly find yourself in permanent chastity with your chastity device for men.

Week 4

You don’t need me walking you through every day anymore, do you? You’ve learned most of your chastity device skills you need to know – and it’s just a matter of completing the hours, helping your body adjust to wearing a 24 7 male chastity device, and completing your sissy chastity training program to wear 24/7.

During week 4, you’re going to start sleeping in the cage consistently. I want you to choose four consecutive days where you will sleep in the cage. Those nighttime hours do not count towards your daily hour-wearing count unless there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your required daily chastity device wearing task: (I envy your sleep schedule if that’s the case.)

I recommend you specifically choose days that have you starting your four consecutive days over your “weekend” – as those first two nights will be the roughest – but you make the choices for your own body.

Day 22: 11 hours
Day 23: 12 hours
Day 24: 12 hours
Day 25: 12 hours
Day 26: 13 hours
Day 27: 13 hours
Day 28: 14 hours

Twice this week, you will also take care of the hygienic needs of wearing a chastity cage. Every week, twice a week, you will fully unlock yourself from the chastity cage and take it off during a shower. You should spend extra time, attention, and soap cleaning up the entire area – but behave yourself.

Before you finish your shower (or after your shower – however you prefer to do it), you need to clean off the entirety of the chastity cage as well. It should be thoroughly cleaned off with warm water and mild soap.

At least once every few weeks, I recommend a toothbrush or small-area-cleanser to be used on the chastity cage as well. A lot of male chastity devices have small crevices that can be hard to clean with hands alone, and again, if you want someone to unlock your cock, you better make sure it’s as clean as possible – and the cage is spotless too.

Some dominants overseeing your femdom chastity training may prefer that you record a video of you doing this in order to ensure that you didn’t “cheat” – which can be a fun way to involve power exchange elements.

Week 5

You’re expected to sleep in your chastity cage every day this week if you’re going for 24 7 chastity slave device wearing. (Unless you’ve already decided that sleeping in your chastity device isn’t for you; then disregard that part of this femdom chastity training schedule.)

At this point, you should be wearing all day during the daytime for most of this week – and sleeping in the cage at night. Really, for all practical purposes, these numbers don’t even mean anything since you’re in the cage at all times anymore. But hey – that just means you’re extra-accomplished.

Day 29: 14 hours
Day 30: 14 hours
Day 31: 15 hours
Day 32: 15 hours
Day 33: 16 hours
Day 34: 16 hours
Day 35: 17 hours

Week 6

Congrats! You’ve made it to week six! If you followed the male chastity training program, you’re now a fully acclimated 24 7 chastity slave who’s used to wearing their male chastity device for days on end. Or you just had a fun time with a femdom chastity task to entertain you for a few weeks. Y’know, whatever works for you.

Chastity training plan / Femdom chastity training plan for sissies